Training for the Week of 6/30 – 7/06

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During the week I managed to get in 2 kickboxing classes and then the dojo was closed on July 4th. On my own I hit up some kickboxing on the heavy bag for about 2 hours and some bike riding for about 2 hours. Nothing serious went on this week.

I did visit the YMCA right outside of my office to see about switching my membership from the meathead-heavy Manchester Gold’s, to a quieter place where I could listen to Slipknot on my MP3 and deadlift in peace, but the woman behind the counter was mad rude so I’m all set. Meatheadland, here I come!

Next up is a half week of vacation in the form of camping, from Sunday through Wednesday, then I’ll be starting work on Monday of the following week (7/14). This will be good as I will be on a strict schedule. I am determined to work 2 days of weightlifting back into my regular schedule before August 1st.

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