Training for the Week of 6/23 – 6/29

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This week was a very healthy week for kickboxing and for eating. I am really starting to fall into the zone, eating healthy protein rich foods, and avoid untimely carbs and unnecessary high-fat snacks at night.


I am frequently eating eggs, cheese, protein bars, tuna, and chicken. Occasionally I have a McSkillet Burrito for breakfast, ramen noodles for lunch, and a couple cheese balls for a snack. For the most part I believe I am eating well. If I had more money, I would definitely buy more chicken and other healthier food to eat during the day, but for now I have to suffice with a can of tuna and a bowl of ramen during the week when I’m in the office.


Thai Kickboxing: 3 days, 1 hour per session.
Mountain Biking: about 3 total hours spread throughout the week.
Weightlifting: 2 sessions with the Powerblocks for a total of about 45 minutes.

Next Weeks Goals

Maintain kickboxing sessions, although there will be no kickboxing on the 4th of July. Add in two legit weightlifting workouts. I want to actually go to the gym and do some full body training. They will be light workouts so I can get back into the swing of lifting.

I plan to maintain the same general dietary strategy, which is to say “no” to 90% of the unhealthy food I encounter. Ramen will still be consumed, as will McSkillet Burritos for breakfast. When I decide to go hardcore, these two foods will be phased out.

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2 Responses to “Training for the Week of 6/23 – 6/29”

  1. Indeed I do try to eat mostly whole foods. In fact even when I have protein bars I tend to choose meat and eggs unless I’m in a rush. I definitely support eating real food over protein bars.

  2. Have you considered buying chicken instead of the protein bars? I used to buy a lot of protein bars, but after a while I realized they just weren’t worth it for the money. With the same money to buy a bar, I could have bought half a plate of chicken!

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