Training for the Week of 10/06 – 10/12

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Female Gymnast
Female Gymnast

A decent week in the gym and the dojo, I managed two sessions of weight training and 2 kickboxing workouts. In the middle of the week, my PC at work died and I struggled through trying to get it back online while simultaneously attempting to finish work on a software project that was due on Friday. This resulted in my missing my kickboxing workout on Wednesday.

Both kickboxing workouts were excellent, especially Friday’s, which is surprising because I lifted from 3:30-4:30 then kickboxed at 6. Somehow I had just as much energy for kickboxing as I did for weight training, and I think this is due to my post workout nutrition strategy.

Right after my workout I drank my serving of Biotest Surge and followed it up about 30 minutes later with a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. Then, with my Xtend amino acid drink mixed with 1/2 a serving of NO-Xplode, I tackled kickboxing with the ferocity of a… kickboxer(?).


Oh, did I fail to mention I am now using NO-Xplode? I am. I mix 1 serving of NO-Xplode with 1 serving of Xtend, flavor it with either 1/2 a scoop of Biotest Surge or Gatorade, and it makes a really nutrient-dense pre-workout drink that has the benefit of simple sugars (Surge or Gatorade), which gives me a quick burst of energy to start training.

I also tried Biotest’s Spike Shooters energy drinks, and I have found that they taste OK but of more importance, the energy boost is really dramatic… like almost as strong as if I down a Hot Rox. Red Bull has nothing on Spike.

Male Gymnast
Male Gymnast

Weight Training

Today’s bonus training video features a little used exercise called Muscle Ups. Gymnasts do these things all day long. How would you like to look like an Olympic gymnast? Yeah that’s what I thought. But I digress…

Monday 10/06 – 60 mins kickboxing

Tuesday 10/07 – Off

Wednesday 10/08 – 5 min warm up
1a) Smith squats – 45 x 7, 90 x 7, 105 x 5, 115 x 4, 120 x 3
1b) Lying abs – 3 set x max reps
2a) Incline dumbbell bench – 50 x 7, 70 x 6, 75 x 3, 70 x 4
2b) 1 leg seated calf raise – 35 x 10, 50 x 9, 50 x 9
3a) Chin ups – 0 x 5, 25 x 4, (25 x 4, 0 x 3)
3b) Sit ups – 3 sets x max reps
4) Dumbbell shrugs – 80 x 12, 90 x 7

Thursday 10/09 – Off

Friday 10/10

AM – 5 mins warm up
1a) Bench press – 135 x 10, 185 x 5, 205 x 2, 215 x 1, 195 x 3
1b) 1 leg seated calf raise – 50 x 12, 50 x 10, 70 x 5, 50 x 7
2a) Alternating step ups on small step – 50 x 8, 60 x 7, 65 x 7
2b) Lying sit ups – 3 sets x max reps
3) Deadlift/Hang Clean/Push Press/Back Squat Complex – (135 x 5) x 3
4a) Bicep curls – 40 x 7, 45 x 7
4b) Lying crunches – 2 sets x max reps

PM – 60 mins kickboxing


I HATE squatting on the smith machine. I should leave this gym for that one reason alone! It’s just so damned convenient for the gym to be a 15 second walk from my office. It used to take me 2 hours to weight train after figuring in travel time, locker room preparation, warm up, training, stretching, post workout locker room stuff like showering, and more travel time.

I have shortened the dreaded 2 hour waste of time into a productive 1 hour session from the time I leave my desk to the time I return. Having to drive to and from the gym would stress me out, so I’m not willing to give up the convenience of the corporate gym yet. That being said, I HATE squatting on the smith machine!

Otherwise, all of my weights are up. I’m trying to work in new exercises such as db shrugs and step ups. Calf progress is awesome from training them nearly every training session, and I am trying to apply the same strategy to my abs. I intend to have a very strong core and thick ass calves… this is just how I roll.

I maxed at 215 on bench press this week, although I am fairly confident that I could walk into the gym and hit 225 after a brief warm up. It embarrasses me that I can no longer rep 225 x 5. All in good time.

Muscle Ups

And may I now introduce to you, muscle ups. I won’t be able to work these into my regular training routine, but I do intend to practice them at home. In fact I would like to state a new goal of mine: to put together a handful of exercises that I can do at the playground while the kids are messing around on slides and monkey bars. Yay for playground training!

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  1. Touché.

    One might consider that female pole vaulters are explosive track and field athletes. One might also consider that sprinters and other high intensity athletes have muscle tone and muscle density similar to that of gymnasts. Therefore I conclude that while she may not be a gymnast, she’s still hot. HA! =)

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