Training for the Week of 7/21 – 7/27

Three solid days of kickboxing this week, but Friday was absolutely horrible. I was feeling tired around 4pm so I decided to take a couple fat burner/energy pills. Not good.

About 15 minutes into the workout my heart was racing, I started to feel dizzy, and began sweating more profusely than normal, which is scary. About 30 minutes into the workout I felt very sick and spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom. Ugh. Although I finished out the full hour, I did end up skipping some of the exercises in favor of leaning against the wall trying to get my pulse to slow down, and trying to catch my breath.

In spite of my awful Friday, I do feel that my form and power are improving for the combinations that we regularly use in class. On that note I will also mention that I wish I could learn more about thai kickboxing or muay thai in general. While this kickboxing class will surely get me in shape if I stick with it, I really would enjoy learning and mastering an actual martial art, whether BBJ, muay thai, or one of the others.

Weight Training

Unfortunately, due to working until 2am on Wednesday night, I did not force myself to arise at 6:30am on Thursday morning so I could attend the gym and get to work at 9. The resolution to this problem is not to work until 2am when I have to lift the next day. I’ll do my best.

For this workout, I attempted not to push myself to extremes. I wanted to avoid severe DOMs as much as possible so that I could still function at kickboxing. My efforts were in vain however, as I did end up suffering through DOMs in my legs from Wednesday through the early weekend.

Anyway, here is the workout:

1a) Barbell back squat – 135×10 185×10 235×3 235×4
1b) Standing calves on Cybex – 140, 160, 180 x 10
2a) Incline dumbbell press – 40×10 60×8 70×3 65×4
2b) Standing calves on 45 degree Cybex – 90, 90, 90 x 10
3a) Supinated bent over barbell row – 135×8 155×6 165×4,135×6 (drop set)
3b) Standing rotating dumbbell curls – 35×10 40×7 45×5

Notes: Do not superset curls with rows. This is dumb.

Next week I must make an effort to attend all three kickboxing classes and both weight training sessions. I am slightly concerned by my health however, as I have been experiencing a most difficult time breathing and functioning in kickboxing class or even walking to the car. I will be the first to admit that my body is definitely not healthy and I need to see a doctor. As soon as my new health insurance plan is set up, I will be going in for a physical.

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