The Amateur’s Guide to a Top Strength Cycle

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top strength cycle

In spite of the recent pandemic craze, to support our athletic potential and passion, we must ask – what does it exactly take to reach our fitness goals? Is there a step by step guide to take control of your health and fitness?

Here we bring to you a guide that is going to help you understand the process steadily and gradually. In the article ahead, you will learn more about it. However, for quick research, you can also check out

What is Strength?

What are the 2 different categories of strength? 

Relative Strength: This strength is referred to as the maximum amount of force that is exerted by your muscles for a particular activity such as squat, pull, or press. Relative strength is often measured in terms of a repetition maximum, often a 1-rep max or a 3-rep max.

Power: Take MMA as an example. Here the power can be measured by how hard you kick or punch your target. When striking, the athlete usually delivers maximum force to the target. This force is called power, and whether you are attempting a maximal effort or executing an Olympic lift, power is the key to completing the desired number of reps. If you are slow, you lack power!

How Can We Efficiently Increase Strength?

So, what are the four things we need to accomplish to set ourselves among the super strongest:

  • Bigger muscles: Simply put – larger, denser muscle tissue can produce greater strength gains. Strength is usually defined by the mastery of weightlifting. It is a non-definitive measurement yet it is somehow defined by the lifts. Following a proven strength-building routine such as 3×5 resistance training, will help you reach your goals quicker.

    The whole idea of being strong is to make your muscles work powerfully and yet in a precise manner. To get better – stronger, faster, bigger – control over your muscles is important. This comes with practice, perseverance, and attention to detail.
  • Mastery of the lifts: When it comes to strength, as we mentioned before, mastery of the lifts count. A practice that is solely aimed at mastering the art of weight lifting is important. Therefore, while building muscle and strength your primary focus must be on perfecting form and movement.
  • Healthy joints: The lesser the wear and tear of the muscle, the better it is. This will help you do more weight lifting. Additionally, your tendons need to be stronger enough to transfer the force from muscles to bones.

    If we look at the facts, there is a built-in “Strain Gauge” which is called the Golgi. It tends to send the signal to the spinal cord and then back to the muscle signaling when to stop contracting so as to avoid tendon rupture. Thus during the entire training, one must emphasize maximizing the effort with minimum damage to connective tissue.
  • Age/minimizing the time: Being young is equivalent to being healthy. There are plenty of advantages to being young. One of them is that your nervous system works faster which means it can reach the maximum of muscular contraction faster. This is an important characteristic in the power-dependent sports like weightlifting. Read more about strength

How to Stay Focused

Now, a lot of people who start the strength cycle training end up leaving the program midway. They stop going to the gym, they get injured, discouraged, or bored. That is because an initial excitement takes you only so far. So then what are the keys to staying focused on your goal?

You need to buy into the process of the grind: Grinding out those workouts, being disciplined, sticking to the routine, is the only way. While the initial excitement takes you to a certain extent of your training, it is the commitment that will take you ahead. Invest your time in it and value that investment. Make the time, money, and effort count – keep reminding yourself that you have invested multiple finite and expensive resources in this. 

You need to find a community of like-minded people: Do not underestimate the power of a community that shares your interest. The fire that can end up dying easily is often fueled by this community. Discuss goals and be as active as you can be. Remember, only you can motivate yourself, but peers and partners can help you stay accountable.

The practice must be at great depth: Practicing strength is not only restricted to the physical aspect but mental too. Visualize your practice and the end goal. Choose the kind of exercise that will take you closer to your fitness goal. It is important to engage mentally and physically. 

You should be enjoying your training: It is the process that matters always and you have to keep reminding yourself about it. Enjoying training more than the result would give you a sense of satisfaction at the end. However, if you are focusing on anything other than your program, form, and execution, chances are that you are going to give up. If you are bored or discouraged there are a few changes you can make to your routine or your lifestyle to help get back on track, to make your strength cycle interesting again.

The Mind and Muscle Connection: As the name suggests, your mind and muscles are connected which is why it is vital. While practicing the body strength one must practice indeed strength too. The mind and muscle connection help you identify if there is any weak link in a movement. Likewise, just in case you don’t know what that feeling is when a particular kind of muscle contracts, it would be difficult to train ahead. This connection furthermore, makes the internal cues more efficient. 

Recover after hard training: This bit is crucial and it is nothing but developing the ability to tolerate hard training and then giving time to recover from it. This process is termed as GPP which is General Physical Preparedness. To know more about the recovery tips, click here.

Getting into the process of building a strength cycle is not easy but rigorous practice can help. Training your body is vital but at the same time, it is the mind that is ought to be in alignment with your body goals. I hope this guide paints a clear picture for how you can focus your mind on starting, executing, and finishing a strength cycle. Let me know in the comments if you have any unanswered questions.

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