Olympic Lifting Video

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Olympic Athlete
Olympic Athlete

Hello everyone. I have been busy lately working my 2 jobs plus side projects plus weight training and kickboxing. Today my truck broke down and is in the garage, and my kid is in the hospital. I’m also sick with a nasty cold, didn’t even get out of bed on Sunday. All these things equal: I haven’t had time to write a decent post, so I’m just going to post this video demonstrating some Olympic lifts.

Olympic Lifting

Here we see this dude busting out a power snatch and a couple clean and jerks. These are great exercises for overall strength and conditioning, but not necessarily for specific strength or for bodybuilding purposes. If you are looking to be a powerlifter or a bodybuilder, chances are Olympic lifting is not for you, at least not on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, if you are trying to condition yourself for martial arts, for strongman training, to look good naked, or just for overall health and functionality, then Olympic lifting could be for you. It takes a couple sessions to really understand how to perform these moves, and keeping perfect form is key to successful Olympic lifting.

Integrating Olympic Training into Your Workout Program

I enjoy power cleans, hang cleans, snatches, and push press, but all Olympic lifts have most excellent benefits. Women can do them too since Olympic training typically builds neurological efficiency, strength (to a certain degree), and power. For the most part Olympic training does not build much muscle mass.

Add one Olympic lift to your workout routine here or there, or design your whole lifting program around this kind of training. It’s your call. 3 sets of 5 or 5 sets of 5, are the best ways to train the olympic lifts. Remember, form is of utmost importance.

Here’s the vid…

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2 Responses to “Olympic Lifting Video”

  1. Hey, hope your kid is okay. What a crappy time (Halloween) to be in the hospital for a kid. Also hope you get over your cold quickly.

    I just found your site a little while back, so maybe you have already talked about this, but I would be interested in your opinion about using alcohol as a carb loading item.

    Sounds odd, but about 8 years ago my Dad said that he read that some marthoners/bicyclers (can’t remember which) would drink a six pack the day before solely as a way to load up on carbs pre-race.

    Have you ever heard/done anything like this for yourself? I know I enjoy playing basketball with a couple of beers in me, but I always figured that was just nerves.

  2. I hear you there brother, Sometimes blogging can feel like a full time job. Incredible Blog you have here, hope I can get my fledgling blog powering along and helping people get into shape in the near future also!

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