How to Create an Effective Muscle Building Lifestyle

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When you start a workout plan, you want to go all-in, but you have to plan smart if you really want to bulk up. Building muscle is about really putting in the work at the gym. If you don’t rest or eat properly though, you could sustain an injury that takes you out of the action for weeks. These injuries can be a serious setback for your muscle building lifestyle.

We compiled the best tips for setting up a workout plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle. With these tips, you can build muscle fast and keep the muscle on. Your perfect body is closer than you think – you just might need a few of these pointers.

Know When To Work and When to Rest

Set your workout schedule early in the week, and stick to it. A group of professional chiropractors in Kirkland recommend two off days every week for proper rest. This rest time allows your muscles to heal so that you can continue building them. And if you have a pulled muscle, particularly in your back, don’t return to the gym early. See a professional in order to guarantee safe healing.

A popular workout schedule includes two days of vigorous exercise, one day off, three more days of vigorous exercise, and then a second day off. Honor your days off by icing or heating sore muscles, stretching, and eating well. This will make it easier for you to jump back in for your next workout. Rest – meaning sleep and recovery are vital components of a muscle-building lifestyle.

Alternate Muscle Groups

Some exercise enthusiasts have the right motivation and attitude to build muscle, but not the right knowledge. They hit one muscle group too intensely or leave muscle groups out of their workout plan entirely. This affects muscle growth over time. Know when to exercise each muscle group so that you can have a full workout that is efficient and maximizes effort.

There are generally 8 major areas of muscles to isolate with different workouts. Take a look at the Project Swole Best Exercises series to get an idea of exercises you can select when building your routine.

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

The first day of your workout plan, try for chest and arms. The next day, go for back, shoulders, and abs. On that third day, go for legs. You can mix it up to suit your schedule, but always remember to alternate so that you don’t work any group too hard all at once. This can lead to overtraining and injury.

Don’t Forget About Cardio

The idea that cardio can make you slim when you’re trying to bulk up is a myth. You’ll just want to engage in different types of cardio. Still, keep those jogs in your routine to help build stamina and keep your energy up for workouts. Use them as a warmup to get you ready for weights. The rest of your cardio can come from weight lifting. Athletes frequently employ the use of HIIT training or High-Intensity Interval Training, to use weights for cardiovascular training.

Many who are bulking up find that replacing a rest day with a light cardio day is a great way to stay moving without putting too much stress on your muscles. Take one day away from weights to try a jog, or better yet, a swim. Jogging is high impact and can put a strain on weak and sore muscles. Swimming, on the other hand, lets you get your cardio in without destroying your muscles in the process.

Build Your Ideal Body with a Routine

We can give you all the tips in the world, but getting that dream body is up to you. The best way to bulk up and build muscle is to be disciplined in your exercise. Set a schedule that you can stick to. Be sure to honor your rest time so that you can get back to your next workout better than ever.

Many of the bodybuilding tips you may think you know are actually myths, so use this article to help you stay on track and informed with the best ways to bulk up and build muscle this year.

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