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How Many Reps Should You Do?

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

When lifting weights, there are many questions asked by both noobies and experienced lifters alike.

How Many Reps?
How Many Reps?

Some great weightlifting questions include:

  • what are the best exercises?
    Answer: view my series of best exercises posts.
  • how long should I workout?
    Answer: HIIT: 20 mins, Weightlifting & Endurance Cardio: 45 mins
  • how many sets should I do?
    Answer: That answer is going to require a dedicated post, so I’ll get to that shortly.
  • how many reps should I do?
    Answer: read on and find out…

There are 3 main kinds of repetitions (reps) when it comes to weightlifting; certain rep and set schemes are used depending on your goals. Let’s examine scheme #1:


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