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How to Flip Tires

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Tire flipping is great!

How can you integrate tire flipping into your workouts?

Tire flipping is great for the following kind of training:

  • Strong men doing strongman training.
  • Powerlifters needing extra workouts, or trying to increase their work capacity.
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT): 10 flips, rest 60 seconds, repeat.
  • Conditioning training in groups, usually moving from station to station.
  • Conditioning for martial arts, especially when prepping for a fight.
  • Odd object lifting programs such as with sandbags and kettlebells – sandbag core training, training with sandbags.

So what is the best strategy for flipping tires?
Do you deadlift the tire?
Is it more of a push?
How do you use your legs?
How do you position your arms?

I can’t put it any better than Josh puts it in this instructional tire flipping video:

This is what happens when you train your ass off and get real good at flipping tires: a 600 pound tire flip:

I personally am not too sure if I could even move that thing, never mind flip it.

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