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How To Maintain Healthy Skin As You Grow Older

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Age is a significant factor for all those who are now already in their mid-thirty. It becomes tough to maintain healthy skin. Sometimes, with older men, women receive wrinkles that indicate age, and cheeks receive pimples. You can stay away from these problems if you want good skin from your heart.

After crossing 30, the body gets hormonal changes that generally make the skin older than the previous face. You can’t change your body’s hormones but can change some duties to bring back the last skin that looks smooth and glowing. 

Now, we shall provide you with the best tips by that you will have excellent pigmentation and fine lines in the body.


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Know the Foods that Increases Blood Flow During Menstruation

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Today’s our Project Swole women’s health correspondent is prepared to address an important female concern – the period. This is not so much a piece about fitness but is definitely a solid reflection on female health, nutrition, and most of all preventing discomfort.

Menstruation is not a shocking phase for every woman the moment they reach their puberty phase. Happening for 3-7 days, periods are not a funny monthly experience. Besides the discomforts of vaginal bleeding, other factors like hormonal imbalances that result in mood swings, muscle cramps, and dysmenorrhea increase the irritability from this monthly cycle. 

women's health menstruation

Aside from these, some women experience heavier periods, a condition known as menorrhagia. Usually, a woman loses up to 80 mL of blood during menstruation and more than that is considered a heavy one. And one of the reasons it occurs is what is usually consumed at this time. 

Here are some of the foods that may cause to have heavier periods, and these should be avoided to lessen the uneasiness brought by menstruation:


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What Do You Need to Know About Low-Estrogen Birth Control Pills?

Saturday, December 16th, 2017
Woman with abs

Birth control pills are supplements that are also popularly known as oral contraceptive pills. There are different methods of birth control and one of those is pills like the similar ones available on Yes Wellness website. One thing you must know about birth control pills is that they are safe and approved by the authorities.

Also, birth control pills are effective and very accessible. It is available in almost every pharmacy you can visit and it is affordable. Although oral contraceptives are safe, of course, there will still be a dosage to be followed and checked. 35mcg of a pill is considered to have a low dosage or the low estrogen birth control pills. Those are the most common while those that have 50mcg are considered to have high dosage and are very rare now.


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