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What is Ballistic Stretching?

Friday, May 27th, 2022
ballistic stretching female athlete

Before we really get into ballistic stretching, you can take a minute to learn more about flexibility training. It’s always best to have a solid understanding of what flexibility training is, so you can apply the knowledge to each of the various stretching strategies.

Ballistic stretching is arguably the most dangerous form of flexibility training you can use, but when done properly can significantly increase your range of motion (ROM). This is a very advanced form of flexibility training that is not considered very useful for beginners due to the potential for injury. Intermediate hobby athletes may find some value in a few ballistic stretches but ultimately can get the benefits they’re looking for with static and dynamic stretching.

There is arguably very little ballistic stretching worth using unless you are a competitive athlete, a ballet dancer, or it has been approved by your personal trainer or doctor. We will go over the basics anyway, just so you know the how, where, when, why, and why not to use ballistic stretches.


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