How Can I Heal My Joint Pain?

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Chronic joint pain and inflammation are unavoidable health concerns when you get into bodybuilding exercises. They often arise from heavy workouts, which are thought to cause problems to the smaller connective tissues. The pain can make your day-to-day workout routine incredibly difficult since it primarily affects your joint performance. Sometimes going too heavy can cause joint pain and other times overtraining is the culprit, but either way, we need to know how to deal with the pain when it rears up.

While going lighter on your workouts will suffice, joint supplements are the only real long-term solution for these concerns. Most of the supplements are developed to optimize your mobility for enhanced flexibility and collective performance. Relying on them thus assures you of two things—massive muscle gains and healthy joints for bodybuilding.

Why Joint Supplements?

Joint supplements are meant to slow down the pain suffered in the joints and improve the functioning of the cartilage. Your body requires these supplements to maximize its performance by reducing the long-term effects of aging on joints and muscles.

Besides, pain is a common problem in bodybuilding and one that can affect your recovery and performance. Relying on these supplements will come in handy as a more natural solution alongside other Anavar products to increase strength

How Joint Supplements Work

Joint supplements deliver lubrication by providing protein nutrients to the synovial fluid around the joints. The lubrication will help you get back on track by easing the pain of inflammation and swelling around the connective tissues. Lubrication is also crucial in maintaining flexibility in the joints.

Common joint supplements contain three ingredients — Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Methylsulfonylmethane. These ingredients are the ones behind the healing formula of most joint supplements. To help you get started, we look into the current best supplements you can use in bodybuilding.

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Turmeric is better known for its healing effects. However, most people don’t know that it can also serve as a supplement for joint pain. The supplement is efficient in both tissue repair and recovery from strenuous bodybuilding workouts. 

One thing that stands out from the Turmeric+ joint supplement is its ingredient content. Unlike other supplements, Turmeric has Ginger and Curcumin. Its Ginger is standardized to gingerols which effectively support your gut health. Ginger also helps to alleviate pain and soreness in the joints.

Curcumin, however, is its most essential ingredient. The Curcumin C3 complex itself contains 400mg turmeric extract. The extract is standardized to 95% curcuminoids, which help reduce inflammation and muscle pain all over the body. 

Joint Support Plus

Joint support plus is not as common as other joint supplements on this list. However, its pain reduction formula is considered one of the best. First, the supplement relies on numerous anti-inflammatory herbal extracts alongside type II collagen to ensure joint flexibility and mobility. 

This formula also leverages powerful antioxidants such as Turmeric and resveratrol to eliminate all forms of joint inflammation. The rest of its ingredients are powered by Bioperine to help enhance their bioavailability.

While Joint support plus lacks vital ingredients such as chondroitin or glucosamine, it’s still helpful towards bodybuilding for joints. You’ll also benefit from improved joint strength, thanks to the collagen peptides that stimulate direct collagen synthesis in the joints.

Joint N-11 

Joint N-11 stands out among other supplements primarily due to its unique joint formula. The supplement relies on the pure form of niacinamide as its main ingredient. It also boasts Vitamin B3, an essential component that relieves the effects of osteoarthritis.

These two ingredients make Joint N-11 a powerful supplement for alleviating joint pain and inflammation. Through its unique relief formula, joint 11 helps your body with the absorption of niacinamide. It also has Turmeric, among other potent anti-inflammatory extracts that reduce joint swelling, heal broken cartilage, and improve mobility.

One downside, however, is that Joint N-11 doesn’t contain glucosamine or chondroitin. This means it may not be strong enough to alleviate severe joint pain.

Zenwise Joint Support

Zenwise Joint Support boasts of a superb healing formula for your joint pain and inflammation. It contains all the essential ingredients needed in virtually every joint supplement. 

These ingredients include 500mg of glucosamine, pure chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid. It also contains other extra anti-inflammatory ingredients like Boswellia and curcumin. When combined, these ingredients provide you with instant relief for redness and swelling in your joints. 

Flex Pro

Flex Pro Joint supplement bases its joint formula on science. One standout thing about this supplement is that its blend of ingredients is verified and approved by physical therapists for their effects.

While its uniqueness translates to a premium price, Flex pro itself can work in the shortest time possible to provide much-needed relief. As long as you adhere to the correct dosage, you’ll feel the difference in just 30 days.

Flex Pro also contains Glucosamine, Turmeric, Bromelain, Chondroitin, MSM, and other leading joint ingredients. However, its formula differs from the other supplements in that it’s to be absorbed gently. This way, you can be sure of no side effects. Flex Pro joint supplement is also effective in providing improved sleep and mobility.

Final Thoughts

Joint supplements offer numerous benefits to the user. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a regular person on a bodybuilding routine, you’ll find them helpful in recovery and as performance boosters. The only secret is to pick a supplement with the right ingredients and one that’ll serve as an add-on to an already healthy lifestyle.

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