Florida Gators vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

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Please tell me, how did Florida lose that game to Mississippi?

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

On September 27, 2008, the Florida Gators (10-1) lost 31 – 30 to Eli Manning’s college team Ole Miss (7-4), but if they had not lost that game they would probably be #1 or #2 in the nation and they would definitely have an 11-0 record rather than 10-1.

my bad, Florida is currently ranked #2 in the AP polls as of Sunday 11/23.

I mean Tim Tebow passed for 319 yards and one touchdown, and he rushed for another 2 touchdowns. Apparently the offense took the first and third quarters off, and the defense basically took the whole game off.

Only three other teams have scored more than 10 points against Florida this season and they were all blow outs:

Oh yeah and the 10 point games were blow outs too:

In conclusion, the Ole Miss game was a fluke. A couple players had a bad day. An assignment was missed. A pass was overthrown. It cost Florida the game… by 1 point! It was a fluke.

Florida vs. Alabama

Florida Gators
Florida Gators
VS Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide

So next week Florida will hand out their next blowout to Florida State (8-3), before playing #1 ranked Alabama (11-0) on 12/6.

As of today, Florida has 162 more points-for and 6 fewer points-against. Alabama has just barely won 3 of their 11 games, the margin of victory for 2 games being 4 points or less, and one win coming in OT. The sum of the parts to me, equals a Florida win, so long as the Florida defense shows up on game day.

Tim Tebow will throw for 200+ plus yards and 3 touchdowns, and will rush for 50 or so yards and 1 touchdown. A running back, probably Harvin but possibly Rainey, also nabs a score. They kick one field goal.

As for Alabama? John Parker Wilson tossed 1 touchdown and 1 pic, but their running corps rushes for 2 total touchdowns on the day. Add maybe a field goal or two.

Final score: Florida Gators 38 – Alabama Crimson Tide 27

Once this happens, you can expect to see the Florida Gators recognized as the best team in the nation, moving up to the #1 spot in the AP, BCS, and Coaches polls.

Tim Tebow for Heisman #2!

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11 Responses to “Florida Gators vs. Alabama Crimson Tide”

  1. The bottom line is the SEC is the best group of teams any where in the country. Florida and Alabama are the top of the group. But their is more talent here. Tennessee is on the upswing. And Auburn is now coming back strong.

  2. Rita – Have you been following Auburn this year? Alabama beating Auburn was not a big feat at all it was all hype. Go Gators! We’ve got this!

  3. Who needs a stinking bcs bowl? We got #1 playing #2 right now. This is it! The winner of this game should be the national champion!It’s going to be a good game.

    Go Gators!!!!

  4. Well, Alabama blew away Auburn so it’s anybody’s game . Alabama may be in for a rude awakening but we are ready for Florida, I say bring it on!!!!!

  5. Well, the Gators blew away FSU and so now they are officially the #2 college football team in the world. haha

    Bring on Alabama I say!

  6. Haha, yeah I’m from Jacksonville and am actually a Georgia fan so, naturally I can’t stand hearing about Tim Tebow – But you gotta admit, the dude’s a beast – How Ole Miss won that game, who the heck knows..

  7. welcome to SEC foot ball; any given team has the ability to go toe to toe with the best in the conference given proper conditions. also ole miss is probably the third best team in the conference, dont misunderstand they are no florida or bama’, but they are a very athletic team with a brilliant coach.As far as florida and alabama go, florida’s win against florida state is a more high quality win than alabama over auburn simply because of auburns inability to live up to expectatins all season. just look at alabams games, now all be it they did manage to put ole miss away, they are without a doubt the luckiest team in the sec. i use both teams game against lsu as a benchmark; florida won by a stunning 300 point margin. it took alabama an overtime session to get the job done! the game will be a classic and if florida plays the kind of ball they have been playing since the loss alabama is in for a rude awakening!

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