How to Choose A CBD Oil for Your Dog?

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cbd oil for your dog

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an alternative medicinal product for chronic pain and anxiety relief. One of its main components is organic hemp, which is a non-psychoactive derivative of marijuana. As it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that give cannabis smokers the typical feeling of high, it can be sold and used commercially. 

But did you know that dogs can also use CBD oil? Your best furry friend may be suffering from a tumor, seizures, inflammation, digestion, autoimmune diseases, pain, and anxiety. In that case, you might want to try CBD oil for dogs, which works well against drug-resistant and chronic diseases. 

As a dog parent, you only want the best for your dogs, so here are some tips on how to choose the best CBD oil for your furry baby. 

Look for Organic CBD Oil  

It is pertinent that you choose organic CBD oil for dogs. As its main component is hemp, look for a shop that sources from organic farms and other reputable suppliers. Otherwise, your oil may contain pesticides, solvents, and other toxic substances that can compromise the quality of the product. Keep in mind that hemp is used to clean previously-polluted soil as it can absorb heavy metals and other toxins, so you must find a company that does not use repurposed hemp. 

These can dilute the purity of the CBD and pack it with toxic substances, mold, and heavy metals. You do not want your dog to ingest oil that is highly dangerous for consumption, so search for a company that is transparent about their pesticide tests and other pertinent lab reports. 

Ensure That The Product Is Not Diluted  

A 2018 farm bill has made hemp and its derivatives legal as long as it is lawfully produced and contains less than 0.3% THC. As a result, you can obtain the full benefit of CBD oils and would not have to skimp on the potency. You might be on a budget, but opting for a cheaper oil with a very little CBD might not be worth it, as it would be significantly less effective than oil with the right CBD content. 

An oil with a low CBD dosage is a sign that it is jam-packed with additives and other unnecessary substances. They might not be harmful to your dogs, but you want them to take in as little chemicals as possible so that they remain healthy. A useful reference is to look for oils with 125mg of CBD for dogs under 25lbs, 250mg for dogs between 25-50lbs, and 500mg for bigger dogs who weigh 50lbs and more. 

Search for Oil Instead of CBD Oil-Infused Treats

CBD oil has plenty of derivative products, such as dog treats, food, and other consumables. However, it is more cost-efficient and beneficial for you to purchase CBD oil for dogs inside a medicine dropper bottle. That way, you are in full control of the potency and dosage that you administer to your pups and can choose how they consume the oil. It will also last longer, and you would not have to unnecessarily force your dog to eat CBD-infused treats to meet expiration dates. 

Find Full-Spectrum Hemp 

Meanwhile, full-spectrum hemp is unique as it contains cannabinoids apart from CBD. These can include cannabichromene (CBC), which is responsible for many of CBD oil’s cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-relieving properties. Conversely, cannabigerol has similar positive effects as CBC, but is also great for digestion and promoting healthy bladder functions. Ultimately, the terpenes found in full-spectrum hemp also aid in reinforcing the oil’s medicinal properties, making it substantially more effective than ordinary hemp. 

By choosing a high-quality CBD oil with the above-stated properties, your dog is more likely to benefit from its medicinal attributes. The oil can be taken one to three times a day, depending on your dog’s condition and health concerns. These take effect within 20-90 minutes on average, and with regular consumption, your dog should be on the road to being healthy once again. 

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