8 Healthy Kitchen Appliances for Homemade Cooking

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Adopting healthier eating habits is on everyone’s list of goals, and it often feels easier said than done. Let’s be honest: we all lead very busy lives and it’s easier going with the flow of the day than actually planning healthier meals. We may try once or twice but fail to keep it up throughout the week. Instead of blaming it on yourself, you’re probably neglecting one important factor: your healthy kitchen appliances.

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Maybe what you’ve always needed to cook three healthy meals a day are appliances that can help you cook better, healthier, and faster. These 8 healthy kitchen appliances can help you create homemade healthy meals, beverages, and snacks you so often crave. 

1. Instant Pot

As the name suggests, this beauty cuts down your cooking time in half; it’s every cook’s dream if you ask me. There are many options to choose from whether you decide to go for a slow cooker where you leave it and forget about your meal for a while, or if you’re short on time, that’s when the pressure cooker comes into play.

The electric pressure cookers are easy to use, and there are a ton of online information where you can find pressure cooker comparison reviews that will find the perfect one for you. This one-pot-wonder can whip up anything you wish, be it rice, vegetables, fish, chicken, and it can even make yogurt and eggs. Many recipes have been tailored to fit this appliance and it’s the go-to pot for quick and healthy meals. 

2. Immersion Stick Blender

Considered to live up to a normal blender’s status, if not better, the immersion stick or wand blender should be a staple appliance in every kitchen. Using it is more convenient as it can be stored anywhere; it is ergonomically designed grip gives it a comfortable hold, and it allows for easier blending it when it comes to smaller portions. Think purees, smooth sauces, fruit compote, or even veggie-based soup, hummus, or pesto!

3. Food Processor 

Having a food processor is another device that will be able to help you in making healthy meals. They’re a multi-purpose tool and can come in either normal size or miniature for extra convenience. It saves you endless time and effort as they can make tedious blending tasks much easier. They have an array of attachments to be used according to your needs. You can blend, slice, chop, or grate. It’s known to chop vegetables or nuts, making homemade almond flour, salads, kneading dough, mashing grains and dates for protein bars. 

4.  Air Fryer

This nifty device has been making waves among healthy eaters since it’s an alternative to deep-frying. This appliance provides healthier versions of all the fried food you wish to eat without using excess oil; instead, it cooks, sautés, and fries your food by using superheated air. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and cooks your meals in half the time you would have fried it yourself as you’ll just set its cooking method and walk away. The Air fryer is also extremely versatile; you can cook anything from fish, chicken, meats, pizza, vegetables, as well as cakes, cookies, or muffins. You’ll be able to control the ingredients yourself by using healthier ones and they won’t be oily or fattening. 

5. Portable Smoothie Maker 

There are times when we don’t have time to have breakfast in the morning. And other times when you would love to start your day with a killer smoothie but the act of chopping, blending, and washing the blender in the morning is a hassle. Enter the portable smoothie maker, your answer to all your morning troubles. Possibly one of the most useful healthy kitchen appliances on this list.

This magical device is small and it comes with its own blending container that doubles as your beverage cup as well. You can have your fruit pre-chopped beforehand, or use tiny portions that are easily chopped, and then blend on the go. It’s rechargeable and all you have to do is blend and drink on your way to work. Perfect for that energy-boosting morning. 

6. Smart Oven 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced home chef, this appliance will enhance your cooking game. The smart oven is smaller than your average oven but works just the same, if not better. It actually heats up faster than a normal oven and cooks your food quicker as well. It has the ability to toast, bagel, roast, broil, and bake. Its temperatures are controlled digitally, delivers the right power at the right time, and it’s extremely energy-efficient. This device will encourage you to bake or steam your food in a much more convenient way, thus making you cook healthier options. 

7. A Spiralizer 

Many who are on a diet, tend to follow a low-carb one for much healthier eating habits. Others could also be following a gluten-free diet. But what happens when we’re dying for a bowl of creamy pasta? And this is how the Spiralizer comes to the rescue! It’s a nifty device that can turn your vegetables into noodles so you can make a tasty veggie-noodle pasta dish. Go crazy with sauce options, but try to stick to healthier versions. A popular one is spaghetti squash, but you can also use zucchini or carrots! 

8. Pizza Maker   

Any time you cook something at home, it tends to be lower in calories than when you eat it somewhere else. It’s because you get to choose your own ingredients, thus controlling how healthy or fattening it will be. Getting an electric pizza maker will not only cut down your cooking time in half but will also provide you with a delicious, homemade pizza. You can use whole wheat flour, almond flour, or even have a cauliflower crust. Control your portions and it won’t be as greasy as when you order takeout. 

After a long and hard day at work, we often come starving and craving a homemade meal; however, we’re too exhausted to cook for a couple of hours and end up developing unhealthy eating habits like eating out or snacking. Luckily, a variety of kitchen tools and healthy kitchen appliances have come to the rescue! Using such appliances will encourage us to create healthier homemade meals. 

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