Sneaky Ways to Keep Yourself Feeling Motivated to Hit the Gym

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Often, when you first start a new fitness program, the novelty of it, plus the fast results that often come at the beginning, can be enough to keep you pumped and motivated for every workout session. You are loving having a healthier lifestyle, enjoying the endorphin rush you get post-workout, and really noticing yourself getting stronger and leaner. However, as time goes on, and the newness of it all starts to fade, it can become easier to lose that drive to get out and work out as often as you should.

You may have already met your original goals, or hit a plateau. You may no longer find the surroundings of the gym as stimulating, as you’ve already spent a lot of time there. You may find yourself skipping sessions with only the smallest excuses, or putting in less effort when you’re there.

Happily, there are ways to keep the passion alive when it comes to your relationship with the gym; you just may need to employ some tactics that trick your own mind into getting enthusiastic about your training once more as your gym routine begins to become more of a mundane part of your life. 

Here are some ideas to keep motivated to hit the gym:

Buy Some Really Luxurious Workout Gear

You wouldn’t splash out on an expensive dress for a party you didn’t really want to go to, or a high-end suit for an interview for a job you didn’t want to get. By buying yourself some quality workout gear, you might see the gym as more of an investment than a chore. Try it, I think you’ll agree. You’ll also be giving yourself the motivation of actually getting to wear your swole new purchases, and if you make excuses and don’t go to the gym, then you’ll have those physical reminders in your wardrobe.

A good thing to use for this can be high-end sports shoes, whether you go for the top of the line, high tech running shoes, or the latest in designer fashion sneakers. If you have treated yourself to some beautiful Balenciaga sneakers, for example, like the ones you can find here at designer retailer SSENSE, then you’ll definitely be excited about every chance to put them on and show them off, even if it does mean you have to go and do your workout! You can apply the same reasoning to accessories, too, for instance, a smartwatch that tracks your fitness efforts.

Think of Your Workout as Your Valuable ‘You Time’

Do you really look forward to shutting yourself away for a long bath with a good book, or taking some time to just sit and think? Most people really value having a certain amount of time to themselves, and you can help yourself look forward to your gym time by beginning to think of it in the same way. When you’re engrossed in your workout, you are doing something that is just for you, and you can also use it as the time when you get to enjoy something else that you usually reserve for your private relaxation time. For example, you could only permit yourself to continue listening to an audiobook you are enjoying at the gym, or to play your favorite music while you train. 

Thinking Time

You can also allocate yourself a mental task while you are working out, allowing you to feel like you are being both mentally and physically productive – whether it is thinking about a creative project, a work-related problem you need to solve, or even brainstorming ideas for an upcoming birthday gift for somebody. A lot of people find they think well when they are doing things like moderate cardio, so you can try and give yourself a mental goal for your gym time as well as a physical one which can make the time feel more important.

Change Up Your Routine

If it’s the lack of novelty making the gym feel less interesting to you, then try simply bringing the novelty back! If you usually work out in the evening, try switching to early morning workouts for a while. You’ll see different people, feel different, and have the new challenges of getting up and ready extra early to keep things interesting. If you usually use the same machines and do basically the same workout, try adding in something new, like going to a class. If you feel like your workout isn’t focused on a goal anymore, set a new one, such as entering a race!

These are all ways that you can make going to the gym regularly feel less routine and more motivating after the early burst of enthusiasm has faded!

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