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Personal training is everywhere. We are all trying to be healthier, get stronger, lose weight – it seems like everyone has a health or fitness goal. Personal trainers can go a long way to keep us on the right path and to stay motivated. We sent our Canadian correspondent out to Langley, British Columbia to interview some popular personal trainers and get the Canadian take on health and fitness efforts up in the north country.

What is the Candian Lifestyle Like Today?

For most ordinary people, losing weight can be such a chore. This is true for many of us, since gaining weight is a lot easier. Of course, there are some cases wherein this is not true, but most of us do tend to gain weight easier. It doesn’t help that the culture of the modern world is instant everything like fast food. Canadians would usually joke that this is an American thing, but we Canadians are no better. According to this article, it actually has increased in the late 2010s.

Even here in Langley, BC alone, there are so many Tim Hortons and other fast food places you can walk in one for a burger and beverage on the other. Usually, the faster the food is prepared, the more calories this contains for the person. Exercise also seems to be a hated activity for many people, but this should change. After all, diet and exercise are a part of healthy living and we should participate in it for a better and longer life.

Living Healthy Requires Sacrifice

Unfortunately, living a healthy lifestyle would also mean that you have to give up on a lot of food that you love. There is a concept of a cheat day, but this should only be done sparingly, and it should also be considered a reward, not an excuse. Some of the tastiest and delicious food is also not very good for our health if we constantly eat them. Paired with no physical activity, then this is going to be a match made in corollary hell. Using our gadgets and computers does not help either as we are forced to sit and stay still while using them. Read about this here: https://www.medica-tradefair.com/en/News/Archive/Electronic_Devices_Linked_to_Poor_Sleep_And_Obesity.

This is why many people are already realizing that this is not a great routine. You can actually feel it while your activity changes you, but you chose to ignore it. Those who heeded the call of their bodies to improve has to deal with a lot of changes. Lifestyle choices are products of our own conceived routine and the environment. You cannot really control what’s happening around you, but controlling yourself is possible. All you need is to increase your self-confidence and discipline. This must be one of the hardest things to do for the modern human.

Now, controlling food intake can be a bit of a challenge. You would need to do a complete overhaul of most things that you eat. There are many diet plans floating around that promise weight loss. Most of them do work like veganism, vegetarianism; South Beach Paleo and Keto are just some of the most popular. However, it is important to know that each of us has different needs. Some of these diets might not work for you, while others would be so effective. For a more comprehensive view, you need to visit a nutritionist for it.

Meanwhile, doing exercise would also involve a change in routine. You might want to go to a gym os that the trainers will tell you what you need to do. However, most of these gym trainers have so many students that they oversee at the same time. There are even instances that the trainer will forget about you and you need to seek him or her out. This would take you out of your activity and would destroy your routine focus. If you have extra income and you also have the time, why not try to hire a personal trainer? Hiring for Langley personal training can really help you out.

Reasons Why You Might Want a Personal Trainer

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They can create a Personalized Program

One of the best advantages of having a personal trainer is that they can make a program just for you. Most gyms follow only a single general program which should work for everybody. However, there are some people who cannot really follow that one due to health concerns and other factors. If you have a personal trainer, then they can help you out with everything that you need to know about losing weight and exercise. This is also perfect for beginners since they can teach you the basics first.

Scheduling is way easier

It is actually more convenient for you to have a personal trainer because you can ask for a schedule that would be really perfect for you. Most gyms these days are operating at least 24/7, but their trainers would usually be gone at the latest hours. Having someone dedicated to your training would be helpful since they are also there to condition your body. This is not just for exercise, but also for establishing a routine for a healthier you. Learn how you can do this here: https://www.goalcast.com/2018/11/26/establish-daily-routine-become-best-self/

Personal trainers will come to your home 

Another perk of having a personal trainer is you can also have them at home. That way, you would not need to worry about the schedule as well. You can have them at a specific time in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you are also self-conscious about yourself and you wouldn’t want anyone to see you. Training in the privacy of your house is also a good thing since you are already on familiar ground. You wouldn’t feel awkward or hesitant, especially if you are new on all these things. 

Is a Personal Trainer Worth the Price?

Hiring a personal trainer can be pricey, but it can be really worth it. They would dedicate all the allotted time for you and they can really oversee your progress. It would also be very convenient and you wouldn’t have to compete with everyone else for the trainer’s attention.

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