A Totally Boring Blog Post

I’m am still on my death bed, and my computer was down for 2 days, so I haven’t had time to write any good content for you guys. I will post something useful very soon though, even if I’m still sick.

I only have a few things to report:

  1. I upgraded my PC from 512 kb RAM to 4 gb RAM. Now it is faster, and I am psyched.
  2. I upgraded my USB wireless adapter to a D-Link DWA-552 PCI wireless adapter (i.e. the network card is IN the computer). Now my Internet connection doesn’t dump out every half hour, and I am psyched.
  3. I upgraded my Linksys G-series wireless router to a Netgear N-series wireless router. I don’t know as anything has improved from that upgrade yet, so I’m bummed that I spent the 100 bones on it.
  4. Fitwire

    My first new project is almost complete. I call it FitWire and here is the latest draft of the logo. I can’t say anything else about it yet.

  5. My second guest post with Diets In Review has come and gone. I don’t think it was a super great post, but hopefully someone will benefit from it. You can find that post at How to Train Legs part 2.
  6. I have seen the new Friday the 13th movie and it is good, but now I am exhausted because I went to the 9:30 showing.

So, that’s it. I’m sick in the lungs and sinuses. Trying to rest and medicate, but it’s not working. Soon I’m sure I will go to the docs.

I have many great posts coming up shortly, so please don’t give up on me yet.

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2 Responses to “A Totally Boring Blog Post”

  1. Oh man…your sick too huh? My husband gave me his sickness.
    I missed work today. :/

    Where do you live? Where I live if one person gets sick, the whole damn state gets sick.
    LOL at the “death bed”!
    Get better steve…

  2. Good Post! It’s absolutely overwhelming how many supplements there are out there. I like that you made the point that supplements come secondary in priority to a healthy and muscle building diet. Too many people use them as a staple food when working out. They are called “supplements” for a reason! haha

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