Reminder: CageFight MMA ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ This Saturday

MMA Punch
MMA Punch

For those of you within 2 hours of Manchester, NH, there’s something fun and unique for you to do this Saturday night. Black and Blue Entertainment of Hooksett, NH presents their second ever Cage Fight Mixed Martial Arts event, which they are calling, “Blunt Force Trauma”.

The fights are put together by Roger Woo and Barbara Woo of Team Woo, an MMA team located in Hooksett, NH. The two of them alternate teaching my Thai Kickboxing class, and spend hours training and coaching the Team Woo fighters. Roger is also half owner of the previously mentioned Black and Blue Entertainment, which is organizing the event.

This is going to be a tight show. The first show went off with much praise and success, and this time there looks to be even more, higher quality match-ups. I would say 3/4 of the fighters last time had losing records; the winner of the main event was 4-15 coming into the fight. This time we will be watching some real competitors.

The current fight card looks like this (subject to change without prior notice):


  1. Sam Kesseli – Team K.I. vs. Rick Corrigan – Team Kaze 150#
  2. Nicholas Santos – Team Fury vs. Adam BellaBianca – Dogpound 135#
  3. Jason Sarbacker – Team Dynamic Martial Arts vs. Sean Lally – Team Kaze 165#


  1. Ken Avery – Team Valor vs. Patrick McDonough – Terry Dow’s Academy of Martial Arts 225+ lbs.
  2. Jeff Soucie – Team Fury vs. Roberto Conception – Dragon Warrior MMA 170#
  3. Ron Morris – Dragon Warrior MMA vs. Bobby Brown – Team Fury 170# (*not confirmed yet.)
  4. Ricky Hines – Team Fury vs. Mark Matheson – Dragon Warrior MMA 155#
  5. Brandon Chagnon – Team Fury vs. Matt Pattison – Premier Martial Arts 170#
  6. Ethan Kane – Team Ravenous vs. Josh Spearman – Dragon Warrior MMA 135#
  7. James Soucie – Team Fury vs. Chris Correia – Team Kaze 145#
  8. Brent Kinberger – Team Woo vs. Jeremy Ross – Team Link 160#
  9. Dennis Pignataro – Close Range Combat vs. Ryan Verrett – Dogpound 215#
  10. Frank Rivera – New Britain Judo/Boxing vs. Eddie Brito – Team Valor 170#
  11. MAIN EVENT: 170#
    Ricardo Funch – Team Link (6-0)
    WFL Welterweight Champion
    XFC Welterweight Champion
    Denis Grachev – City Boxing (3-0)
    IKF Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight Champion
    2X World Kickboxing Champion
    4X Russian Kickboxing Champion

Get Tickets

Tickets may be purchased online at CageFight MMA advanced ticket sales, by calling (603) 396-4789, or by visiting one of the following locations:

Tokyo Joes Studios
1338 Hooksett Rd.
Hooksett, NH

Kenpo Academy
40 Manchester Rd.
Derry, NH

More Information About The Event

Get more information including times, locations, directions, and more about the event here: CageFight MMA – Blunt Force Trauma

I will be working as Event Staff at this event. From what I understand I will be ushering some of the fighters from pre-fight prep to the ring. Should be good times. Hopefully you can make it too! I will report on the results on Sunday.

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