Lesnar Vs. Mir – UFC 100

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OK, I know how it ended but I have yet to watch the fight. I’m getting antsy to see this video but I’m not sure when it will be out or how to find it! It’s been pulled from every online location I can think of.

If you don’t know, Lesnar won by ref stoppage… not sure if he knocked Mir out or just whupped his ass good, but he won.

In anticipation, please enjoy these 2 big ass heavyweight MMA fighters weighing in.


Next, enjoy an ESPN video with highlights of the fight. Plenty of blood spatter here.


Finally, enjoy the first meeting of Lesnar Vs. Mir in UFC 81, but you have to go to a different website to do it:

Lesnar vs. Mir UFC 81

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5 Responses to “Lesnar Vs. Mir – UFC 100”

  1. MMA Videos (https://mixedmartialartvideos.com/) has the video up as of Tuesday morning (takes a while to download though, I’d recommend pausing it and finding something else to do for a bit). Mir did pretty well for the brief time the fight was standing but got pummeled on the ground. The video they have up doesn’t show all of Brock’s post-fight antics, but you can read about those easily enough.

  2. What’s up Steve!! I have been following your website now for about 2 months and i have seen amazing results crafting my own workout plan from your “5 Best” exercises to make my own full body workout using those. Now that i have gotten my ass kissing out of the way. lol I too haven’t seen other than the highlights, but did you see the post-fight interview with Brock? He was absolutely obnoxious in the things he said. I found out however that he ended up issuing a groveling apology to Dana White and that Dana essentially ripped him a new one for what he said. haha

    • No kidding? Clearly he’s the heel of the UFC, but hopeful they stay away from all that scripted stuff.

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