CageFight MMA 3 Full Contact Pro and Amateur MMA Fights

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MMA Kick
MMA Kick to the Ribs

Black and Blue Entertainment, LLC presents the third installment of its mega-successful event Cage Fight MMA! The second show back in August was truly a spectacle to behold and has been praised around southern NH as one of the best MMA cage fights ever put on in this area.

Each match up was tight, and the main event really had a high quality UFC look and feel to it. With CageFight MMA events gaining popularity so quickly, it seems like highly qualified fighters will be participating on a more frequent basis.

At this point, we have 12 quality fights scheduled on the card. If you live within traveling distance of the Manchester, NH area, I highly recommend you attend this event. You won’t regret it, trust me. The entire night will be a blast!

You can pick up tickets at the CageFight MMA ticket sales page, and while you are there you should sign up for the free ticket giveaway. Even if you don’t win tickets this time, your name will be entered into all future raffles.

Directions to the Fight

Black and Blue Entertainment, LLC
a full contact pro and amateur mixed martial arts cage fights

CageFight MMA 3

Saturday November 8, 2008
The Wayfarer Convention Center
121 South River Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Doors open at 6:30pm, 1st fight at 8:00pm.
Food, beverages, and alcohol served.
All ages show, cash raffle, MMA vendors.

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Fight Card*

(Subject to change without prior notice.)

Heidi Compos
Heidi Compos

Amateur Fights

1. Heidi Compos – MFS-NH vs. Shannon Harney – Team DWMMA 110# *Female MMA Fight!
2. Stephen Boris – Team DWMMA vs. Kenny Rodriguez – Team Fury 150#
3. Sam Kesseli – Team K.I. vs. John Santos – Team Fury 150#
4. Tim Bagley – Mon Kai Karate vs. Derek Sullivan – Premier Martial Arts 160#

Pro Fights

1. Christian Correia – Team Kaze vs. Anthony Leone – Bombsquad 145#
2. Jeff Soucie – Team Fury vs. Todd Solek – IMB 170# *Qualifier Fight
3. Eddie Brito – Team Valor vs. Brendan Hoxie – Hoxie Bros. 170#
4. Ken Avery – Team Valor vs. Arthur Mullen – MMA of Southern ME 225+#
5. James Soucie – Team Fury vs. Mike Tierney – MMA of Southern ME 145#
6. Dennis Olsen – Triumph BJJ vs. Eric Henry – Bombsquad 170# *Qualifier Fight
7. Cody Lightfoot – Seacoast MMA vs. Jason Dolloff – Rumford Hardcore 225+#
8. Cesar Barros – Team Nexus vs. Lamont Lister – Bombsquad (IFL Vet) 205# *Qualifier Fight

Free Ticket Giveaway Contest. Enter to win 2 FREE Tickets!

Go here to win tickets: Black and Blue Entertainment, LLC MMA Cage Fight Events
Go here to buy tickets: Buy Tickets to the MMA Event
Go here to advertise at the event: Advertise with or Sponsor the MMA Event
Black and Blue Entertainment is always taking fighter applications (PRO and AMATEUR) for future events.

Fighters, please register here:

Register to Fight for CageFight MMA

If you live anywhere in or near southern NH and you enjoy MMA, Cage Fights, or UFC, you should really attend this event because there is no better way to spend a Saturday evening than watching 20 meat heads pummel themselves senseless. Plus they are serving alcohol this time and you know you want to drink some beers on Saturday night. =)

Cage Fight MMA 3
CageFight MMA 3

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  1. hi i have gd stand up not bad on thr ground i have had fights in night 17win 2 lost 2 draw im lookin to go up a level and fight my heart out i have gd chin so i fight at 80kg but used to guttin so just need help findin fights or anyone lookin for fighters

  2. Sorry Tracy but I mostly only know about gyms and fights in New England. Do a Google search and you are bound to find something.

  3. im 145 looking for fights im have 11 years wrestling exp
    1 perfesional fight im 1-0
    i currently live in murrittea california im 22 years old eager to fight an showout please contact if you can direct me to a web site or a gym to join for pro fights

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