Black & Blue Entertainment’s Cage Fight “The Beginning” a Success

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I went to an event last night called CageFight MMA “The Beginning” in Bedford, NH. Initially I mentioned it in my article about Black & Blue Entertainment’s first ever professional cage fight event. It went really well for their first gig. I believe one of the fighters in the main event broke his hand a week out from the contest, but they still put together a good show.

Update (5/19): Here is a link to a Play-By-Play summary of the CageFight MMA event.

Steve, Gayle, Roger, Barb
My girlfriend Gayle and I with Roger and Barbara Woo

The half owner of Black and Blue Entertainment, Roger Woo, also owns Team Woo, a professional MMA team. Three fighters from Team Woo ended up fighting, two of them won and one lost, but the dude he fought was clearly jacked even though he was only 5’4, 160lbs. Otherwise, there were fighters from ME, NH, and MA representing a total of 13 different teams.

Team Woo
Some of the Team Woo guys.

Cage GirlThere wasn’t too much blood but most of the fights were pretty good. There were definitely some kicks to the face, some knock outs, and some submissions; everything you’d want to see at a cage fight. There were also plenty of women including two svelte little ring chicks.

I would post the official lineup, but I was too preoccupied watching the fight to remember to write down the fighters records, who won or lost, and how they won. Apparently I would not make a good reporter. Next time I shall be better prepared.

Update (5/19): Here is a link to a Play-By-Play summary of the CageFight MMA event.

From what I understand, Black and Blue Entertainment will be hosting 4 shows a year. The next event will be on August 16th, so I will be posting those details as soon as I know more. You can bookmark the CageFight MMA homepage at

Ben Manseau Ben Manseau

Update (5/19): Here is a link to a Play-By-Play summary of the CageFight MMA event.

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  1. Hey that stinks Joe. You’ll definitely have to try to get to the August show. I’m sure Black and Blue Entertainment have about 50 ideas as to how they will make their second show even better.

  2. I was supposed to make my debut but couldnt get my medicals done in time.Heres hoping for august

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