Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Nursing Agencies

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Many nurses are switching to agency nursing as it offers a lot of benefits that traditional nursing does not. It provides the flexibility to pick the hours you want to work and pays better. Also, agency nurses play a critical role in fulfilling staffing vacancies in times of need. 

With agency nursing becoming so popular, there are times when you may wonder if you should believe everything you hear. Well, here are things that you shouldn’t believe about a nursing agency in Manchester

There Isn’t Enough Work 

You may be led to believe that agency nurses don’t get enough shifts. Many agencies offer a wide variety of shifts across many locations. Few agencies are also the preferred suppliers for the NHS, and this affords them the opportunity to get first preference for supplying nursing staff.

If you are an athlete who is nursing an injury and are looking for a  sports medicine nurse, it would be wise on your part to contact a nursing agency. Nurses working with such an agency possess professional certifications.  Look for an agency that offers nursing jobs across a range of specializations like cardiology, general medicine, rehab and orthopedic.

Find out what type of experience does the agency has. Does the nursing agency state its placement success rate on the internet? If it doesn’t, it may have something which it is trying to hide. Look for favorable quotes.  

You Don’t Need Any Critical Thinking Skills

People may think that nurses only follow orders issued by doctors. Yes, that is part of the responsibility, but it is not all. As a nurse working with a nursing agency in Manchester, you are expected to work autonomously. This will require you to assess the patient before providing care. 

Research has also found that inductive and deductive reasoning skills are among the top five skills that registered nurses need to possess.

You Have To Start With Night Shifts

There are also rumors among the nursing community that when you are starting out as an agency nurse, you have to begin with night shifts. This is not true. Agency nursing offers a wide variety of shifts to their nurses. So, unless you want to work in the night shift, you don’t have to.

That said, it is important to note that night shifts pay more than day shifts. So, you may want to pull a night shift or two to supplement your income. Also, the experience is different from a day shift. 

There Is A Lot Of Red Tape

Nursing agencies are using technology to the best by allowing nurses to register with them online. They also allow compliance through their websites. After registration, many agencies allow you to download their apps to check for shift availability and submit your availability. 

What’s more, they also send you SMS alerts and notifications for any open shifts that you may be interested in.

Agency Nurses Means Poor Care

Agency nursing is primarily used to staff places with high vacancies or with vacancies that are difficult to fill. At such places, patients are already at the potential risk of poor care. In fact, by filling in staffing gaps, patients can expect improved care quality.

Think about why you became a nurse. The zeal to help make someone’s life better. That is the motivation for most nurses to get into the profession. So, just because you are an agency nurse, the quality of your care is not compromised. The same holds for all nurses.

There Is No Job Security

In fact, nursing agencies are turning out to be better employers than traditional employers. Not only do they pay better, but, they also allow long term contracts based on experience and performance.

Some agencies have nurses working with them for over a decade. Agencies are providing their nurses with career advancement opportunities by way of education, training, and experience. This is a good indicator of how secure the job is.

I Will Not Get the Support I Need

Many agencies have nurse advisors that offer help to nurses right from career counseling to patient care. These services are available day and night. So, regardless of your shift time or location, help is just a phone call away.

A few nursing agencies have been known to educate their nurses on how to remain healthy and efficient, especially when working night shifts.

The Hours Are Rigid

This is probably the most infamous myth about agency nursing. Nurses are switching to agency nursing for its flexibility. Agencies allow you to pick the hours you want to work and the kind of shifts that you are interested in.

They will send you the openings available, and you can pick the one that suits you.

I Will Miss On Other Benefits

This is no longer the case. Today, agencies are offering their nurses benefits that almost match traditional nursing. Some of the benefits that agencies provide are paid holidays, sick leaves, medical insurance, and pension plans.

You will have to make sure that you question the agency about these benefits. 

I Will Have To Follow Up For Payments

This is not true. Most agencies pay their nurses on a weekly basis. Also, they offer multiple payment options. You could use PAYE, umbrella, or limited company options. 

So, there you have it. The myths about agency nursing busted for you. If you are a registered nurse wanting to work in the UK, then there has never been a better time to do so. Make sure you find out what benefits the agency offers before signing up.

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