Vacationing at Disney World

Posted April 28, 2010 in Healthy Lifestyle 5 Comments »

Hi everyone! I realize Project Swole has been lame lately, and I am sorry. I have been real busy with work, family, and Crossfit. This week I am on vacation in Orlando Florida, so I can’t post much since I don’t have a laptop and it is slightly painful to create new blog posts on my Android smartphone. In fact its quite annoying to respond to comments or emails either, so I won’t be doing much of either until I get home next week.

Next up I hope to bust out some great new workouts and training articles. Until then, keep training!

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5 Responses to “Vacationing at Disney World”

  1. Can you please dedicate a future post to crossfit. I would like to hear some feedback from you. Thanks

  2. I’ve been following your werewolf plan (on 2nd round now!) I’m actually in Disney myself and I have to improvise with what I have here at the gym..:) Have fun!

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