Update: A Bad Week

Posted May 29, 2007 in Healthy Lifestyle 1 Comment »

I have taken much time off. In fact it has been a solid week and a half since I have set foot in the weight room. Friday, May 18, just when I was starting to feel strong and alive, I had just about the worst workout of my life. All my weights were down 10% or more, and I couldn’t get out of my own way. Then I struggled through a muddled weekend; made it through some kind of depression/funk on Monday and Tuesday; battled a fever and a really sore body, upset stomache, and headache on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; Friday I took off to recover but ended up in a day-long fight with the girlfriend; and finally I struggled through a long weekend of project work and yard work. At least some exercise was had from yard work.

Today I am feeling tired from only sleeping for 4 hours last night, but I will lift w8 today after work. At least if I can get in there and grind out a maintenance session, maybe I can get my body to hold on to the last bits of remaining muscle tissue.

On a positive note, I scored a rusty old standard olympic bar over the weekend and I’m going to try to hunt down some cheap plates. Slowly I am adding to my home gym arsenal… eventually I might actually be able to get a workout in with all this stuff. =)

I shall be more dilligent with updating this blog, for much knowledge must be distributed.

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