Sports and Weekends

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First, a quick rant about life and sports…

Does anyone else sometimes wonder what happened to the weekend? Somehow it is Monday and I am back at work, but I seem to have missed Saturday and Sunday. It’s almost like the weekend was a warm-up set for the week rather than a 60 second rest between work sets. What happened to the weekends where Saturday means watching a Boston Red Sox game, getting an extra workout in, spending some “free time” with the girlfriend, and eating pizza? Alas, with kids and a house comes great responsibility.

On a positive note, the Red Sox are dominating the Yankees this year, and the Patriots are set to run rampant over the entire NFL next football season. For those of you that don’t know, the Red Sox are officially 5-1 versus the Yankees this season, and are 15-7 on the season while the Yankees are dead last in the AL East at 8-13; yes they have a worse record than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. =)

Now, the Patriots are putting together an excellent off-season. They have picked up Dante Stallworth and Randy Moss, while retaining a tight defense, Tom Brady, and Laurence Maroney. I am not a fan of the release of Corey Dillon, but for some reason Belichick won’t listen to reason. My prediction is that the Pats are Super Bowl bound for 2007. Now we must wait 4 months to see how things unfold.

In conclusion, the weekend was not half-bad, but I would like to start to get in one extra workout on the weekends. Maybe a little strongman or functional training around the yard. Raking leaves and moving furniture into the new house just isn’t cutting it anymore. Anyone got a keg I can borrow?

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