Motivational Support of Friends and Family

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I want to address a real issue here today, and some of you may think I’m soft or catering to those will low self esteem and low willpower. The fact of the matter is this: your family and friends will not always be positive when they hear about your weight loss or fitness goals. They might even belittle you or belittle your dreams when you start to show progress. You need to prepare yourself for this in advance. The reality is that it is important that those closest to you serve as cheerleaders to motivate you and remind you that your hard work has paid off, but that you need to prepare yourself for the opposite.

We all like a little encouragement, especially when the weight loss plateaus or stalls temporarily. However, many of us are not so lucky and in fact might have to deal with hostility toward our weight loss. Maybe they think you are “better than them” by making such drastic changes, which is absurd. Whatever you do, don’t allow their negative energy to dampen your excitement. Plus, this negativity demonstrates that they are simply a poor excuse for a friend.

It is good to have a workout partner, or to have friends with the same fitness interests as yourself. Often times we can find people who share our goals online. Try searching for a popular form or blog, like Project Swole, and begin to post your comments and network with some of the members. This can be very motivating and the competitive aspect can be very good for progress. You could also try working with a personal trainer if you are just beginning, or if you need a supervised, motivational boost to your workouts.

In any case, remember that the weight won’t lift itself and the spare tire won’t get out there and run sprints. Get in the gym or out on the field and motivate YOURSELF to set new personal records today!

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