I am a slacker.

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Today begins week 3 of Project Swole and I have identified three main weaknesses in my plan:

1) I do not have my priorities in order; I have only lifted at the gym 3 times and at home once, since I started Project Swole. Between children, errands, running a business, fixing the house, and the rest of life; I sometimes have a hard time getting everything done in time. Lifting must precede!

2) My lifestyle is still off. I am unable to sleep well every night due to children and a girlfriend. This is not always all bad, but it still throws off my sleep patterns.

3) I am not eating enough protein during the day. Oh I eat pretty well but not the way I used to. Must eat more meat!

Now that I have identified my weaknesses, I must put a plan into action to make sure that I pick up the pace of my exercise habits. The new plan is going to be Mon/Weds/Fri either at lunch or right after work. The workout plan itself will be something like this:

Day 1: Back, Squats, A clean & press complex, Tris, Abs, Calves

Day 2: Chest, Deads, Shoulders, Bis, Abs, Calves

Day 3: Repeat

I will be starting at a higher rep range (7 ish) for now, and eventually work up to 1-3 rep maxes. If I stick to this plan, I will be sitting swole 3 months from now. More to come…

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