Hot Dogs Cause Cancer and Mark Buehrle Throws a Perfect Game

I am far too busy writing an article that is tentatively titled “The 10 Best Ab Exercises” to draft a post of decent length or content for you today. Instead I will leave you with these four moderately interesting, if not time leaching, links.

Skip the nutrition fluff stories and go right to the most important story of the day: Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game

Killer Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Allegedly Cause Cancer

Hot Dog Girl
Hot Dog Girl

Basically, some anti-meat pro-vegetarian group named The Cancer Project has declared that hot dogs cause cancer.

They back up this claim with a report by the American Institute for Cancer Research, which concluded that the regular consumption of processed meat can increase the risk of several types of cancer including colorectal cancer.

Even if you don’t think you should be concerned about that, and you should, based on the fact that other carcinogens permeate the atmosphere and our everyday lives, I want to share with you a little knowledge about hot dog manufacturing.

I know this dude who worked in a meat processing plant and he enlightened me about the creation process behind hot dogs and sausage. They squeegee all the chunks of meat, brains, legs, beaks, and other garbage that falls on the floor, into a grinder. All that crap is then ground up, stuffed into an intestinal lining, and then you cook it up on your grill and eat it.

In case you didn’t know, this is an excellent way to transmit such diseases as mad cow disease, as the brains of cows are scraped up off the floor and tossed into the grinder with the rest of the cow hooves, ears, and tails to make delectable cow sausage, hot dogs, and other various ground beef foods.

So if cancer doesn’t turn you off from hot dogs, maybe the manufacturing process will. Sick dude.

Food Industry Secrets

You should also read this other article I found:

10 Things the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

I won’t summarize it here. Just read it.

Obsessing Over Nutrition Labels

8 Dumbass Ideas to Further Complicate Nutrition Labels

A couple of these ideas might help a bit, but for the most part it look like they people just want to slap more useless content on food labels.

“Explain where the food came from.” ???

Yeah like I care where the wrapper on my protein bar was manufactured or which states my peanuts travel through to get to my store. Don’t put useless info on nutrition labels!

Mark Buehrle
Mark Buehrle

Mark Buehrle Tosses a Perfect Game

What is a perfect game?

  1. No runs
  2. No hits
  3. No walks
  4. No errors

That’s quite a feat if you ask me. In fact it is such a feat, that only 17 perfect games have ever been thrown by major league pitchers.

Buehrle almost threw one back in 2007 too, but ended up walking Sammy Sosa and then picking him off at first base 2 pitches later. He still recorded a no-hitter for that effort.

I never thought he was a serious contender for the Hall of Fame, but Buehrle is actually a really good pitcher. His record this season is 11-3 and although he probably won’t win the Cy Young, he might be in the midst of his best major league season to date; he’s projected to finish the season 19-5 if he stays consistent, and with any luck could finish with 20+ wins. Being that he’s only 30, if Buehrle stays healthy he could retire with over 300 wins.

Mark Buehrle is a pretty good pitcher.

To add icing to the cake, let it be known that the Devil Rays lost. muahahahaha… but I wish it had been the Yankees…

Here’s a link to the game summary: Buehrle completes perfect game to throttle Rays

I shall return…

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4 Responses to “Hot Dogs Cause Cancer and Mark Buehrle Throws a Perfect Game”

  1. I have just discovered your blog. I just remembered where and when I ate my last hot dog. It was in january at Ikea. 2 hotdogs for $1.00, now I feel really ill after reading your hot dog post. I wonder what’s in those ones?

  2. when i read the first sentence of this post, i honestly did the “rock on” symbol with both of my hands and stood up in front of my computer, and imagined how i would soon have extremely sore abs after consuming your article and doing it in the gym. haha! at least i have something to look forward to while i wait for my shoulder to heal.

    • Ha ha! Working abs is great man. I’m going to work on that article a bit today, hopefully I can finish it soon. I hope your shoulder gets better soon though. My fiance is currently laid up with something that appears to be bursitis, but we don’t know for sure. I am nearly back to proper health myself too.

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