Healthy Popcorn and Swine Flu Revenge

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I don’t have much time to post today, but I wanted to direct you to two news articles I found while browsing at lunch, which by the way consisted of tuna, Sun Chips, and diet Nestea. Good times.

There are just a couple quick news pieces about the wonders of popcorn and the increasing danger of swine flu.

The first article addresses the healthiness of popcorn.

Little do some people realize that if you make popcorn the right way, it can be an antioxidant rich snack, full of fiber, low in fat, and very filling. Popcorn is actually a whole grain and manages to keep most of its nutrients because the meat of the snack is tightly packed inside a hard shell until popped.

Attempt to limit the butter and salt you put on the corn, and air pop it for the healthiest results.

Here is a link to the article: Popcorn – A Hidden Source of Antioxidants

The second article addresses the dangers of the Swine Flu in the upcoming flu season.

By this point, Swine Flu has spread to 168 countries and affected 177,000 people. It has contributed to at least 1,462 deaths, including 477 in the United States.

Although scientists are unsure if Swine Flu has mutated into a more dangerous form, it is currently circulating in the population and has the potential for a devastating outbreak this fall and winter.

The government is currently urging employers to offer more flexible sick leave during the flu season this year. Staying home when you are sick is the best way to avoid spreading the disease.

Here is the link to that article: Flexible Sick Leave Urged Ahead of Possible Swine Flu Outbreak

I guess the take home message of the day is: eat popcorn to load up on antioxidants in order to help protect yourself from a Swine Flu pandemic this winter. =D

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