Force the Pedophiles to Run for the Hills!

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Today I would like to take a break from exercise and nutrition news to tell you about a real problem in our world: child molestation. It is a taboo topic but it is also reality. Child molestation destroys lives on a daily basis and the perpetrators are often slapped on the wrist and released back into society. It has to stop and I am willing to fight for our kids.

Joel Dutton
Joel Dutton

There is a revolution happening in Hooksett, NH this month.

Thanks to a group of angry neighbors, myself included, there is a movement to put restrictions into place for convicted and registered sex offenders in the town of Hooksett, NH. Read on to find out how it all began and what is happening today.

How It All Began

It all began several years ago when I moved to Hooksett. Shortly after moving in I became aware of a registered pedophile living just two doors down the street from me. I mean this guy is a nasty mess. He’s a fat guy, balding with gray hair, and he is creepy as all hell. His name is Joel Dutton.

The first time I met Joel he was in a neighbor’s backyard talking with myself and a female neighbor. The guy was dressed in baggy sweatpants, seemed to pay most of his attention to my neighbor’s little 6 year old girl, and kept adjusting his… package. It was totally disgusting and he creeped me out. I didn’t even know he was registered at this time, but my initial impression was to stay far, far away.

I had absolutely no problem with him at that time because he was not bothering my kids, nor was he living with kids. That would change.

He Is Registered

Several months later I find out that the state’s sex offender registry Web site says Dutton was convicted in 1999 of aggravated felonious sexual assault on a person under the age of 13 and two counts of simple sexual assault. If you don’t know, that means child rape.

Find registered sex offenders in your neighborhood at the National Sex Offender Registry or for more information browse the sexual offenders website for more listings. Protect your family.

Still Committing Crimes

Next I find out that a couple of years ago he had his computer confiscated by the FBI because it’s full of child porn. Nothing was done at this time, but the event has become public knowledge throughout the neighborhood.

Despite the conviction in ’99 and the confiscation of the PC, nothing ever really happened to guy. I am not sure if he ever did any time – I don’t think he did – but there were never any restrictions placed on the guy despite being a level 3 registered sex offender.

Present Day Problems

Fast forward to the present. Several months ago this family moved in with Joel and his wife. I won’t get into the issues this family is facing – that is a whole other story – but suffice to say they had 3 kids: a 5 year old boy, a 6 year old girl, and I think an 8 year old girl.

At this point I am flabergasted! How is a level 3, convicted and registered repeat child sex offender allowed to live with children? How is he allowed to live across the street from a park, or across the street from my kids’ bus stop?!

No Town Ordinance!?

The answer: there are no city ordinances for the town of Hooksett, NH that can be used to impose any restrictions on registered sex offenders. For crying out loud they are allowed to live in school zones!

At this point a call is placed to social services inquiring as to why a registered pedophile is living with children. Social services visits but nothing important happens to my knowledge.

But you haven’t heard the whole story yet.

A Little Girl Comes Forward

So now I come into the knowledge that the 6 year old girl who lives with Joel has been telling some of the neighbors that, “Joel was tickling me and his pants got sticky and wet.” Nice, right?

The 5 year old boy is extremely angry and disrespectful. He’s going around stealing other kids toys, trying to light fires in the neighborhood, and trying to break into neighbors’ houses. That behavior may be a product of his environment, but did you know that sexually abused children, especially boys, almost always tend to light fires? Great.

Then one day I am out in my backyard, where I can see up into his backyard since he recent placed a love-seat swing up there so that he can presumably see down into my yard to watch my children, and I see they guy trying to tickle one of the kids. But is the kid laughing? Nope. This child is trying to escape, trying to push him away, but he persists! Wonderful.

The Perpetrator is Arrested

So finally, two Fridays ago 6 more calls are placed to social services describing some of the events that I have just told you. That same day at 4:30 in the afternoon social services show up and carts away pretty much everyone at that residence. Yay!

A couple of people did end up returning to the property that night and at least one threatening phone call was placed to a neighbor by Joel’s wife. She assumed that only one neighbor placed a call, but in reality 6 different people had called. Booyah! I have no respect for this woman anyway… who marries and stays with a repeat child molester who was accused and convicted of raping her own son?!

The Perpetrator is Released

That weekend no one was at the house, but most of them returned on Sunday night and partied in the backyard all cocky. It must have been some kind of release party, but it was to be short lived.

Just the other day we finally received word that Joel admitted to the detective that once again he had indeed molested a child. Turns out he’s be diddling the 6 year old girl who had been living with him. As far as I know he didn’t admit to anything else, but I am sure he violated plenty of other people.

Come to find out I have a friend who knows some people that used to live in an apartment complex with Joel, and we suspect Joel buggered them too. They don’t really like to talk about it, and will most likely never testify in court. But I digress…

So the bastard has been released since having been arrested and charged. He was released on personal recognizance and is back in the freakin’ house! Granted, the children have been removed, but he is still living like 2 houses down from where my children live! There are more children on either side of him, and yet more kids right across the street as well as an elementary school bus stop!

Why is he out of jail living back in my neighborhood… AGAIN?!

Convicted Child Molesters Are Very Bad People

The point I am trying to drive home is this:

Pedophiles are sick. They repeatedly offend and can not be rehabilitated. They should not be allowed to live with, or even live near children. Keep pedophiles away from schools, parks, playgrounds, and bus stops. For every child who comes forward there are probably 5 who have not.

Childhood Sexual Abuse is Traumatizing

These children will never lead a completely normal live. They are all twisted up inside, often resorting to drugs as teenagers, many develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and will need counseling and medication for the rest of their lives.

Molestation is no laughing matter, nor is the treatment of convicted pedophiles. Look at that sicko Philip Garrido, who was convicted, served time, was released, and proceeded to kidnap a little girl and keep her in a tent in his backyard for 18 years.

This bastard should never have been allowed back into society. He has nothing positive to offer to our world except to create jobs for the police, detectives, the FBI, and trauma therapists.

Read about the Philip Garrido case here:
Jaycee Dugard kidnap suspect used bondage, captivity in past

Our Story is Now in the News

We are now granting interviews to newspapers and TV networks.

I spoke with someone from the Union Leader yesterday and the story appeared in the paper this morning. My name was not used but I participated in the interview. I have offered my name and picture if it will support this cause. It is a cause worth fighting for to protect our children.

The interview with the Union Leader is here:
Release of rapist greeted with fury

The whole Joel Dutton story is here:
Convicted child rapist arrested

I have just been informed that channel 7 news and channel 25 Fox news reporters were just outside my neighborhood. I am working in Nashua today and so I am unable to participate in the interview, but to my knowledge several neighborhood citizens were interviewed including Joel, and the owner of the apartment complex across the street from Joel’s house, where several children reside.

Look for that story on Fox News tonight!

We are not sure how we will proceed from here, but several of us intend to make an appearance at the next city council meeting, and there is talk of a petition to take away some of the rights of convicted child molesters.

These people have more rights than the rest of us and it makes me sick.

If we can make anything happen, I will be sure to provide an update here.

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6 Responses to “Force the Pedophiles to Run for the Hills!”

  1. I love reading some of these stories. I do not condone any of what happens to the children, but you people sound like you all ride around in old pickups with gun racks in the back window. You’re probably the first to jump up and down if they want to build a prison near you but then you say lock em all up. Treatment programs do work, not for all, but for the majority they do. Some of these people should never be back on the street. I was molested as a kid but I have grown from it. Not all people can be bunched together.

    • Treatment programs do not work for pedophiles. You must be one of these people who thinks you can teach a person not to be gay.

      I do drive a pick up truck, but I do not own guns. I wouldn’t have a problem with building a prison in my backyard, quite frankly. Furthermore, I never said anyone should “all be locked up”; in my opinion all pedophiles should be drowned or dropped out of an airplane without a parachute. Sorry that you were molested, but it’s great that you have grown from it. Too bad it seems like your disassociation from the abuse has made you ambivalent to the pain caused by this type of trauma.

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  3. I hope you guys get rid of the bastard. What a piece of crap. I tried to have a talk with my husband once, explaining that since women’s prisons are likely to be safer then men’s, I would be the one to do the killing should it need to be done. He thought I was just being dramatic. Let’s hope it never comes to anything like what you are seeing, but if it does….

  4. I can’t even begin to discuss my hatred for child molesters. I too was molested by an older neighborhood kid i used to hang out with many years ago, i think i was around 10 maybe, cant remember. i told my parents and they pressed charges, and He had to change schools, and i’m sure it ruined his family’s perception of how good of a kid he was. I guess he was just confused and i had to be the one to test it out on.

    Either way, i have forgiven him (that took a while. wanted to kill him for the longest time) and talk to him every now and then in the gym when i see him. He’s still weird as fuck, and i don’t think he has yet to find a girlfriend…or boyfriend. ugh

    More kids are molested every day than ANY of them will ever admit to. I could stand here on my soapbox all night, but it was a long time ago and nothing major happened to me, just creeped me out for a couple weeks. BUT when kids are forced to do sexual things by people they may look up to like their parents or grandparents, or perhaps a neighbor, it traumatizes them for life, because these are people as kids that they have grown to trust, and that is shattered when life-altering-psyche-changing boundaries are crossed so some fool can get a little rise out of doing something devious to a helpless child.

    Hang’em high and let the sun set on em. 😉 only in a perfect world right? haha

    • Sorry to hear that Josh. It seems like everyone has an experience with some sort of sexual act as a child or young teenager. For those that don’t ask for it and don’t willingly participate, it does ruin lives.

      A gentleman stopped by my house just last night because he read our story in the newspaper, to tell his story. His wife, whom he loved and adored, died at age 42 from overdosing on methadone and prescription medication. Why did she OD? Because she was sexually abused for like 12 years of her life. Now this wonderful woman is dead and her husband is very sad. We can all thank some sicko pervert for that.

      Tonight is the city council meeting, so I have to go do some more research on town ordinances. Take care.

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