Death Watch: Michael Jackson Dead – RIP

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I sure am sorry to hear about Michael Jackson’s death.

I have several of his albums and grew up with Thriller on MTV. Sorry to say I missed out on that whole Jackson 5 scene, but solo Michael was groundbreaking music and his dancing was stupendous. After all, he gave us The Moonwalk!

No matter what you think about Michael Jackson’s controversial personal life, you have to admit that he truly was a good man, especially earlier in his career. He honestly cared about the well-being of children.

Sure, Michael had some major issues.

It is not acceptable for a grown man to invite little boys to sleep over at his house, and then sleep in bed with them. Nor is it acceptable to dangle a baby over the side of a railing to show adoring fans. He also completely changed the structure of his face and his skin color, eventually earning the nickname ‘Wacko Jacko’.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Why did he do those things?

I believe he was traumatized by a childhood of abuse by his dad and being forced to act like an adult from age 6 on. Eventually as an adult, he desired so strongly to connect with children and experience childhood that he lost focus on reality. The pressure of being in the media spotlight constantly was too much and he attempted to isolate from the public eye, but still could not get peace.

Rethink Your Perceptions

Although Michael was accused of being sexually involved with children several times , he was never convicted. If you will also remember, the kids came back later to say their parents told them to make up lies about Michael so they could sue for millions of dollars. Also, several well known child stars recollect sleeping over at Michael’s Neverland Ranch without any danger or pedophile hanky panky.

Believe the hype and hoopla around the Jackson sex abuse conspiracy if you want, but in my eyes you would be a gullible fool, dragged down by negative media exposure caused by greedy, sue-happy Americans. Michael Jackson was not another OJ Simpson.

In the end it seems he was trying to turn it around.

Michael Jackson was rehearsing and preparing to play a series of 50 sold-out shows in London’s O2 Arena. He allegedly hired Lou Ferrigno as a personal trainer, to get him back into shape for his tour.

Lou Ferigno
Michael Jackson’s Personal Trainer Lou Ferigno

Since he died from cardiac arrest, is it possible that he already had a weak heart and the reacclimation to exercise was too much for it? I’d like to hope this is not what happened, but we will have to wait for the autopsy report to know those details. I’d also like to think it wasn’t a completely unnecessary prescription drug overdose like Heath Ledger.

Heart Disease Kills Millions

Developing heart disease is just awful, and with a rise in the consumption of processed carbohydrates, trans and saturated fats, and foods laced with pesticides and herbicides, we barely stand a chance. Fighting those carcinogens and the free radicals they cause, takes a tremendous toll on the body.

That’s why I always be sure to take my daily antioxidants.

Three of the strongest antioxidants anywhere on the planet are:

These 3 substances will collectively:

  • Help prevent heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.
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  • Help treat and prevent diabetes through increased insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose.
  • Treat and prevention of obesity.
  • Enhance visual clarity
  • Promote healthier, younger looking skin
  • Prevent atherosclerosis
  • Cleanse the body and intestines
  • Provide many powerful antioxidants
  • Normalize and regulates cholesterol levels
  • Help prevent kidney disease.
  • Reduce the risk of developing blood clots.
  • Help prevent retinopathy, which causes blindness and kidney failure.
  • Support the immune and autoimmune systems in fighting off disease.
  • Help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s

I personally use each of those 3 foods everyday to keep my heart and body feeling healthy and young. Check out the Acai Berry to get all 3 in one shot.

Remembering Michael Jackson

Let’s take time during this tragedy to remember Michael for his good music, great dancing, sweet music videos, and positive contributions he made to children and other worthwhile causes like peace on Earth.

If only we all shared Michael’s vision for unconditional love in the world, maybe there would be no hostile North Korean government, soldiers dying in Iraq, and violent protests in Iran.

At least you and I can still sit back and enjoy Thriller and many Grammy-worthy albums. After today, that will be more than we can ever again say about The King of Pop.

Now go watch Thriller.
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3 Responses to “Death Watch: Michael Jackson Dead – RIP”

  1. Michael Jackson dying was a huge shock for anyone who loves music, although looking back it was maybe not so surprising. The child molestation charges pressed upon him impacted him greatly. Once he began to depend on prescription medicines to just get by, that was the moment there came to be no way back, IMHO.

  2. amazing musician, made so many contributions to the music world. While I do not completely agree with the choices he made in adulthood; I will miss the king of pop.

  3. I will surely miss Michael Jackson, he is really worthy of the name King of Pop and he is certainly one of the greatest musicians of all time.

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