Building a Business, Making a Million (or, why I haven’t been posting)

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Self Employment

Ever since I was 8 years old I wanted to be a millionaire. Even in my youth I immediately realized the importance of money. It began with collecting comic books and baseball cards. Strategically collecting the ones that I thought would be worth most, in hopes of reselling them for future profit. This led into my first multi-level-marketing experience around the age of 18. I have attempted various schemes and scams, tried doing exactly what the rich did, and tried my hand at eBay and other various retail sales ventures. I even started personal training because it was ‘my own business’, but made the mistake of working for a gym rather than working for myself. For the most part, all of my ventures have been failures, EXCEPT for the one vital component that we must never forget: Every failure has at least one groundbreaking lesson, and the only true mistake is the one we make twice.

Ultimately, my lessons and studies led me to my final decision regarding how I could be a millionaire. It involves a step by step process that virtually guarantees success:

  1. I must work for myself, making money for myself, charging my own rates.
  2. I must do something that I love.
  3. I must become an expert in the industry.
  4. I must network like crazy, building a list of professional affiliations and associations.
  5. I must sub contract the grunt work to minions.
  6. I must develop a stream of residual income.
  7. I must partner with someone, or train someone to run the business like it was their own.
  8. If possible, given the timeframe of life, repeat these steps until rich.

How Do These Things Relate to This Post?

Well, I have developed a business with Tasen Software wherein I design, build, and maintain custom computer software and websites. My backlog of work is so tremendous, I am still completing projects from 2006 in June of 2007. Every day that I get out of work, I am forced to go home to my office and work. There is no time for family or relaxation, or even for getting all of my work done. I have decided that I must quit my full-time job and join the ranks of the self-employed, and so this is what I have done.

I am planning on working as a contractor for at least two days per week, and working on my own business three days per week, plus nights and weekends. To this extent I believe I am on my way to making my first million, AND I should be able to get back in the gym three days a week now. Three cheers for self-employment!!

Now, let the REAL hard work begin. I am coming for YOU Gates!

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