Best Superhero Movie Ever Poll Results

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The Dark Knight Joker
The Dark Knight Joker

The polls are in!

The overwhelming majority of Project Swole visitors chose Batman: The Dark Knight as the best superhero move ever.

The poll is still open though, so place your vote today.

51% of voters as of 9/9/08 voted for The Dark Knight. I actually did not choose The Dark Knight as the greatest superhero movie ever.

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I am a huge DC Comics fan, so while X-Men and The Hulk are great, I much prefer Superman and Batman. Go ahead and let me have it Marvel Comics fanboys… I’m ready for you.

Now, I will have to say that The Dark Knight is an awesome movie. Definitely 3 stars. Is it the best superhero movie ever? Not in my opinion.

Christopher Reeve stole the show in all 4 Superman movies from the 1970-1990 period. But… special effects being what they are nowadays, I can’t choose Superman or Superman II at the best.

Unfortunately that bozo from Superman Returns totally fouled up the whole movie, so I can’t place it even in the top 5. I am greatly saddened that Brandon Routh signed on for sequels, but what can I do?

In fact, my top pick for the greatest superhero movie of all time is one that I just saw recently. It is an adaptation from a long standing Marvel comic book series. As my Best Superhero Movie Ever, I choose… Iron Man.

The story was awesome, Robert Downey Jr. was superb as Tony Stark, the action was humpin, and the gadgets were sweet. Gwyneth Paltrow was hot as Pepper Pots, and the sexual tension between her and Tony was done to perfection. Also, Jeff Bridges was the main villian! How can you go wrong?!

I’m glad they didn’t focus too much on Tony’s alcoholism yet… I’m assuming they will touch more on it in the sequel. They also didn’t focus that much on Tony’s playboy stigma, ala Bruce Wayne. I did see some edited scenes involving Tony and 3 hot chicks on a bed, but like I said, they made the smart decision to cut that out.

So that’s it. I give The Dark Knight a #2 all-time placement, but Iron Man takes the cake.


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3 Responses to “Best Superhero Movie Ever Poll Results”

  1. Chris:
    You can’t deny that the Ironman cast was loaded with talented stars. I mean Jeff Bridges was in it! Better or worse than TDK? I can’t tell. To be honest with you, I would give both movies a 5 star rating.

    My Ironman comments came just a couple days after seeing it on the big screen, which was why I was probably so biased when writing this review. TDK is an awesome movie, clearly the best of the Batmans, but Ironman is mad good too.

  2. iron man over dark knight? r u retarded? lmao dark knights cast was far superior then iron mans cast. dark knight is going for a academy award. is iron man? no, and dark knight is being re released. is iron man? no. dark knight is highest grossing super hero film. is iron man? lmao not a chance. and also to top it off the villian in the dark knight(joker) is far better then the one in iron man.

    dark knight 5 out of 5 stars and iron man 4 out of 5.

    sorri but there is just no comparison

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