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Your Links
Your Links

I want to start a new feature on Project Swole called Your Links.

Basically it works like this: leave a comment with your favorite link of all time for the list’s theme.

Today’s theme is Powerlifting.

The best links of all I will surely Stumble, Digg, Mixx, and submit to Health Ranker and OnlyWire.

Here’s my link of the day: Powerlifting Articles at Westside Barbell

Louie Simmons and the Westside Barbell guys write some seriously good training articles for powerlifters and strength athletes. Read them all.

An honorable mention is: Powerlifting Articles at Elite Fitness

Dave Tate runs Elite Fitness and he is a disciple of Louie Simmons, but is also an expert in his own right. Read all these articles too.

Now it’s your turn. But don’t submit links to non-powerlifting pages because I won’t approve those comments. =)

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