What’s the Difference Between Biltong and Beef Jerky?

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When it comes to snack foods, you will find that you have quite a lot of choice. There are many different snack foods out there for you to explore, and they all have a unique flavor and composition that makes them a good idea for when you have those munchies.

Biltong and beef jerky are just two of the different options that you could pick if you wanted a meat-based snack that tastes quite nice. However, a lot of people think that biltong and beef jerky are the same things, whereas in reality, they are two different options.

If you’re not sure about the difference, then this is your lucky day, because we’re going to take a look at the differences for you. Tonight is fight night, and it is biltong vs beef jerky

The Contenders 

So, let’s take a look at the contenders on offer, so we understand what we are working with. On the one hand, you’ve got biltong, a meat snack which uses a combination of vinegars and spices. 

On the other hand, you have beef jerky. Beef jerky is a meat-based snack, like biltong, but is primarily composed of beef, and often has a dry, smoked flavour. 

The Key Differences

So, let’s take a look at the key differences between the two, to see if we can work out exactly what makes them different.

Obviously, the first main key difference is taste. Biltong has a vinegary, spicy flavor, which is often quite complex and deep. Beef jerky, in comparison, has a very basic smoky taste. It appeals to quite a few people because it’s very familiar, but it doesn’t necessarily approach the complexity of biltong.

The exact flavour of biltong will vary according to which spices and vinegars are used in its composition. Beef jerky can vary a little bit more, but generally speaking, a smoky flavour is a smoky flavour.

Another primary difference that you should probably be aware of is the type of meat that is used. Beef jerky is, in 99% of situations, composed of lean beef. However, biltong can be a variety of different meats, from chicken game to the typical beef and pork. It varies from one provider to the next. This broad selection means that you never quite know what you’re going to get. This does make it quite pleasant. 

Final Word

So, in conclusion, there are a variety of different flavours and differences that make beef jerky and biltong two different options. Naturally, there is no right or wrong answer with regards to which is better, it’s quite a lot to do with personal taste, but there are multiple options available for each side.

Some people will swear by the complexity of biltong flavouring, whereas others will point to the simple and reliable smoky flavour of beef jerky, but it’s really up to you which one you pick. In a lot of cases, however, the complex flavours and broad options of biltong does actually tend to win out. If all else fails you can always make a batch of homemade Salmon Jerky right in your own kitchen.

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