A Guide to Winning as a Mass Gainer

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winning at mass gains

Gaining weight can be a little complicated, especially for those who have an ectomorph body type. You see, there are three main types of bodies, each one having its own shape and propensity for weight gain as well as muscle gain capacities. Some folks are consistently winning at mass gains, whilst others are perpetually losing.

What is an Ectomorph?

Ectomorphs are the ones who suffer the most when it comes to it, and they require a lot of effort, preparation, and discipline to gain mass. An ectomorph is someone thin and he or she usually has a body similar to marathonists, with a long frame and a delicate structure. For them, even gaining fat from food is kind of difficult. 

The best way for them to get bulkier and develop muscles and fat is by making changes t their lifestyle. Making sure that their diet is balanced to boost their body’s capabilities of producing mass, as well as undergoing the right training, will make a big difference, but there are some other things to consider, such as mass gainers and supplements.

Ectomorphic Diet

A good diet for an ectomorph should contain a lot of calories and proteins. Since ectomorphs burn calories faster because of how their metabolism works, they need to make sure that they are consuming more calories than the ones their body can burn through the day. And I’m not talking about unhealthy calories coming from sodas and snacks, I’m talking about healthy calories and fats such as the ones you get from rice, pasta, nuts, fish, and avocado.

Proteins change your body in many different aspects, and it can help you balance your hormones so they provide even more support when it comes to gaining weight. Proteins are an absolute must when it comes to getting bulkier, and mass gaining supplements have both complements to help you achieve this goal. 

Stimulate Your Appetite Through Exercise

When it comes to gaining weight, I think that engaging in physical activities is actually a good thing, even more, if you lead a sedentary life. 

You see, I experienced something pretty weird one time during my 20’s. I started practicing swimming, which I knew something about since I was raised on an island, but I stopped doing it for a long time. After a month, I noticed that I had gained some pounds, even though one would normally believe the contrary. But when I thought about it, it wasn’t as weird as I thought. You see, I would always be hungry whenever I finish practice, and I ate far more food than I normally would. 

Since my appetite when to a whole new level, and my calories and protein consumption were way higher than before, I started gaining some weight and muscle mass, even though I was practicing a sport. And as I mentioned earlier, increasing the number of calories you consume throughout the day is key for your success.

Imagine how effective it would have been if I had taken supplements during that time? I can only imagine.

Effective Supplementation for Mass Gains

People would normally recommend going to the gym and practice resistance training since it helps to bulk up and increase body weight. Resistance training not only makes the muscles grow (hypertrophy), they also change us on a hormonal level. For men, Testosterone is a rather important hormone, which becomes more efficient whenever you engage in lifts and training requiring the use of muscles. 

The Mass Gaining Lifestyle

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

There are some other things you might want to consider. As mentioned in this article, healthily gaining weight should be your priority. Do not engage in the use of illicit drugs that may cause you to harm your body in the long-term run. Focus yourself in being disciplined, and planning everything with caution.

Consume Wholesome Foods

You should try to add more nuts, dried fruits, and fish to your diet. People don’t eat those so much, and they are essential for your body’s wellbeing since they contain healthy fats that increase your health on many different levels.

Sleep, Hydration, and Stress Management

Engaging in healthy sleeping routines as well as making sure to drink enough water throughout the day will make a big difference, too. Try to keep stress as low as possible, since it can actually hinder your body’s capacities to become stronger and healthier. Thankfully, doing exercises such as a 3×5 strength training routine, and sleeping well enough are good ways to reduce stress.

You should also make sure to let your body rest every once in a while, and change your training to let different parts of your body recover and become stronger while you work on other places. 

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