Want to Become a College Athlete? The Do’s and Don’ts

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Students have different talents and passions. As much as getting good grades is concerned, some students are gifted in other sports. Are you as a college student aspiring to become the best athlete?

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Tips For Becoming a Successful College Athlete

  • Play on a Club/AAU team

As an athlete, you need more exposure. But then, you can’t reach extreme places without engaging people who can give you the best direction. So, if you are passionate enough, consider playing for either an AAU team or clubs. You will meet top coaches who, when they realize your potential, will push you further. There are seasons within the year when top coaches get a chance to witness athletic students’ competitions. Check with the NCAA.org site for all the updates and arrangements made. 

  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

The very first step towards reaching your passion for athletics is enrolling in the NCAA program. Check all the requirements and then put everything in place, then register your details. 

  • Do Use Proper English

When communicating with different parties involved in sports activities, use proper English. Stay as professional as possible. Use friendly language and to straight to the point. It doesn’t matter the means of communication; it can be through emails, face-to-face, messages, among other means of communication. Stay professional in all cases, proofread the texts over and over again. Take note of autocorrections, especially by phones. 

  • Stay Updated About Recruiting Information at All Times

Different sports have different requirements. As far as you have passion, always stay updated on all the requirements in a particular field. Before enrolling for the program, ask yourself, Do I qualify? What do I need to fit in the category? In any case, send all the requirements to the relevant authorities on time. It shows how responsible and how serious you are 

  • Fill Out those Recruiting Questionnaires

If you love something, you will go the extra mile to ensure everything is in order. While in college, you will get forms regarding sports to fill. Fill the forms give them back. If you think you don’t have adequate experience. Fill the forms. After all, if you don’t start now, when will you ever reach your target? Do miss out on that rare opportunity.

  • Meet the Coach

Do not shy away from making a move. Some students fear making a move because they think they might be ignored. The secret to success is staying persistent and trying always. Pick up the phone, call the coach, and explain yourself. Also, you can draft an email or a text message if calling isn’t your thing. Reach to the coach whenever a chance arises. You never know; it can be your turning point. 

  • Show Gratitude

Remember, other professional people, played vital roles in making the journey a success for you to succeed. Reach out to them and show them you appreciate all their efforts. How you view other people in the same field as you show who you are. As far as you want to be the best, maintain respect. 


Suppose you have a passion for sports while in school, don’t hesitate. Take chances and do what you love. Do not stay on the ground, thinking that someone will pick you up. Stand up and face your realities. 

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