MMA Backyard Conditioning Workouts

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Odd object lifting is great!

Here are some great ideas for putting together some serious conditioning workouts in your backyard:

  • Tire / Sled Drags – You can run backward and forwards; you can use your legs, arms, back, or chest to pull.
  • Tire Flips – Use large heavy tires.
  • Tire Throws – Use smaller tires. You can throw the tires forward or toss them over your head like a strongman keg toss.
  • Sledgehammer – Pick a heavy one and hit the tire with it.
  • Tire Jumps – Jump over the tire, jump into the tire, jump through the tire… be creative and just jump.
  • Various Shoulder Exercises – Press and rotate various objects above, behind, and in front of your head.

That is a very limited list of the things you can do in your backyard, but gives you some great ideas to start with. Variations of these ideas can be seen in the two demonstrational videos below.

Here is a video of some dude who put together a great conditioning routine for himself in his backyard using a couple tires and some basic exercise equipment.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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8 Responses to “MMA Backyard Conditioning Workouts”

  1. I come from a Bodybuilding background, but have been training in MMA for the last 5 months, and my tutor emphasizes alot of high intensity sledgehammer / tire flipping and backyard stuff, really ghetto, but its helped my stamina a ton and i think it helps the stabilizer muscles more more than say strict weight training / conditioning workouts.

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