6 Ways You Can Boost Athletic Endurance

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Boost Athletic Endurance group training

Endurance is the ability to last through something that pushes you to your limits. Do you know what it’s going to take personally, to boost athletic endurance? Does your body have the strength to do more? Can you give anything else to the effort? Or are you ready to call it quits and rest?

Athletic endurance refers to several aspects of your physiology:

  • your mental state
  • muscle strength & stamina
  • cardiovascular health & conditioning

To go further and last longer, work on building all three areas. The following are six ways to develop your endurance levels through whole-body and spiritual strategies.

1. Modify Your Exercise Routine

Always consult a professional about your exercise routine, seeking advice on where you add conditioning into your regular workout routine. Muscle development, for instance, requires resistance training, and a lean runner may benefit from adding in some days of weight training. In building up the core strength and posterior chain (glutes, hams, hips) stamina, even endurance athletes can go faster and exercise longer.

Consider the structure of your current workout. Are you stopping often or taking long breaks? Challenge yourself to cut down dead time and get back pushing yourself. Set goals to only rest for a certain amount of time. Then, get that heartbeat up again. You could use this in the running as well. Maybe you stop and walk for 5 minutes after running for 10. Try to walk for 2 minutes and then pick back up.

We always recommend a solid strength-based workout routine such as Swole 3×5, or perhaps you already have a strength routine and need to add some HIIT workouts a couple of times a week. Simply adopting this step alone, will help you boost athletic endurance, but the next 5 tips will allow you to take it to the next level.

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2. Invest in Health Supplements

Prime your body with the fuel needed to get you going faster and longer. It’s hard to get everything your body requires from meals. Health supplements allow your systems to have the proper nutritional levels, keeping the circulation strong and your energy levels up. Optimize your health by using products like USANA Europe. Look for products that offer high-quality, scientifically-backed studies.

Consider a pre-workout supplement containing caffeine such as Xtend, as caffeine is known to boost performance in most athletes.

3. Take Time for Yoga and Meditation

Many athletes stop their activities earlier because they lose their breath or fail to maintain their focus. They may mentally tell themselves it’s time to quit or that they have nothing left in them. These mental constraints hinder more extended performance. The body likely could do more; the mind must stain. 

Yoga and mediation teach mental strength and proper breathing techniques. Add it to your weekly routine to learn how to control those thoughts and offer positive inspiration to your efforts. In addition, the exercises such as planks and squats continue to strengthen the core.

4. Listen to Music

Workout studios play music for a reason. It’s not just to have something in the background. Music may improve performance. The beat energizes patrons, giving them a boost in their workout routine. Those exercising independently of a group may find the same. When you head out for a run, grab your wireless buds and phone. Select a playlist and have it running in the background. Choose music that you like and that helps pick up the pace. When you’re ready to give up, that beat may just help you make it further.

5. Check Your Diet

You may be losing steam because your diet lacks enough fuel to keep you going. Consider eating something with carbs before your workout. Some people cut out carbs to lose weight. People who often exercise or want to elongate those workouts, though, require carbohydrates for energy. Prepare meals with whole grains such as brown rice or whole-grain bread. Avoid anything with lots of sugar or overly greasy. Think clean and lean.

6. Plan for Rest

Pushing your body longer means allowing it also to have time to heal and recover. Be sure to plan for a proper diet, take a day off after major runs, and get a good amount of sleep. When the body rests, cells regenerate, allowing you to return to workouts with vigor and strength.

Final Thoughts

Make it farther, go faster, and feel better about yourself. Stop now and evaluate your current habits, adjusting exercises, diet, and lifestyle habits. A few minor changes to these areas could boost athletic endurance and offer new challenges to your workout routine.

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