5 More Physical Jobs Requiring Peak Physical Condition

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These lumberjills work seriously physical jobs.

Non-Fitness Jobs that Require Lots of Fitness

You might have browsed a recent post of mine about the top 5 fitness careers or maybe you just want to work in the fitness industry. Here is a list of physical jobs, mostly not in the fitness industry, but still require a high level of fitness.

Many people strive to find jobs that are the least physically demanding. Whether you’re sitting behind a desk all day or filling coffee orders at break-neck speeds, you have enough stress to deal with. You don’t want to heap physical exertion on top of it.

However, there are those people who would rather toil all day than wear a suit and be confined to a cubicle, and for these people, the thought of being paid for physical activity is preferable. That said, there are plenty of physical jobs that demand a high level of fitness, and they will likely appeal to different segments of the working class.

Here are a few careers that require workers to be in peak physical condition.

1. Roughnecking

Roughnecks Girls

Working on an oil rig is no walk in the park, to say the least – it is difficult and dangerous manual labor that requires you to be in peak mental, emotional, and physical condition if you want to avoid an accident, injury, and death. In fact, it is considered by some to be at the top of the list when it comes to physically demanding jobs, and not without good reason.

Those who tackle such a job may have to fill any number of roles on a rig, including drilling, grinding, welding, pipe-fitting, moving heavy equipment, mechanical maintenance, cleaning, and more. All of these tasks tend to fall under the category of difficult, dirty, back-breaking labor. In other words, those who aren’t physically fit need not apply.

2. Logging

Another of the top physical jobs, logging could require workers to saw through massive tree trunks or climb tall trees with nothing more than a rope and a pair of spiked boots. Old-school operations still use teams of horses to haul lumber rather than heavy machinery, meaning that lumberjacks are also on the hook for handling livestock. Regardless, a weak physique could result in a nasty fall from a tree top or the inability to dodge falling timber.

3. Radiation Technologist

Not every physically demanding job revolves around traditional manual labor. While working in a radiation clinic certainly doesn’t sound like a physically demanding job, the truth is that moving people and heavy machinery all day isn’t for the faint of heart (or musculature). Considering that many patients seeking x-rays are either ill or injured, you may have to lift and position them to snap your pick. And the heavy overhead machinery often has to be moved manually.

4. Smoke Jumping

Smoke Jumper

Aside from the iron constitution needed to jump from a plane into a burning forest (potentially becoming impaled on a tree on the way down), smoke-jumpers must be at the height of physical condition to survive in their profession. Not only will they find themselves trying to outrun a fire, amidst the intense heat and smoke, but they also have to carry dozens of pounds of equipment and land safely, pack and all. To say that this is one of the top physical jobs is something of an understatement.

5. Personal Training

Whether your clients are stay-home moms trying to shed some baby weight or acrobats for hire, you must be able to keep up with them during training sessions, or at the very least, demonstrate the exercises you want them to complete. In truth, your physical condition is your best form of advertising in this line of work. If you’re in terrible shape you’re not likely to attract many clients.

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