Do Not Use Dr. Mostafa El Sherif as Your Dentist

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Here is my review of a local dentist from Concord, NH. Dr. Mostafa El Sherif is one of the few dentists in the area to specialize in cosmetic dentistry. He does lots of work on teeth whitening, bridges, implants, caps, veneers, etc… Too bad he’s rude, uncompassionate, and greedy.

Why to Avoid Dr. Mostafa El-Sherif

Dr. Mostafa El-Sherif is a scumbag. All he cares about is the almighty dollar. Let me tell you about a situation wherein Sally, we will call her Sally, had a loose veneer on her front tooth. It started to become so loose that after a while that it would fall out randomly while talking or walking and it caused her great stress while eating.

On the first visit, all Sally wanted was for Dr. El-Sherif to cement the tooth back onto its post while she saved up to pay for a full implant. Dr. El-Sherif refused, saying instead that it would be cheaper, easier, and better for everyone if she could just come back with the money to replace BOTH of her front teeth. Since the second tooth was also a veneer, he wanted to take both teeth out (extractions) and replace them with implants for well-over $10,000. He wouldn’t do a thing for her without that money up front.

Now, Sally has no dental insurance and she sure as hell doesn’t have $10k sitting in the bank. El-Sherif would not help her at all. Instead he left everything alone and refused to do any work until she could come up with the payment in full. All she wanted was to have the veneer cemented back onto the post so that it wouldn’t constantly bug her until she could save up for the implant.

Round Two with El-Sherif

So, a month later the post somehow breaks off and disappears from Sally’s mouth, leaving her with nothing to hold the veneer. Nice, right?

She goes back into El-Sherif’s office and asks for help. He takes an X-ray and tells her that the post is stuck up inside her gum, and that he would have to go in and extract it. But then he writes up this agreement that the post might break during extraction, and if that happened he would have to extract the remainder of the tooth and move forward with getting the implant. In the meantime she would be without a tooth. Sherif gives this so-called agreement to an assistant and asks the assistant to get Sally to sign it before he will do anything else. Meanwhile he grabs the veneer and proceeds to somehow grind it down in the other room, cracking the ceramic in the process.

Freaked out by this nasty sounding agreement, Sally grabs her veneer off a table in the adjacent room, and runs out of the office. At this point the tooth won’t stay in her mouth and the veneer is ruined. She calls another dentist up and asks him to help. Enter Dr. Robert Marshall.

A Sign of Hope

Dentist number two sees her on a Tuesday, takes an X-ray, and declares that there is no post stuck up inside her gum. He also notes that the second veneer looks just fine, that it will probably last another 25 years or so, and there is no current need to replace it.

Dr. Marshall then puts a rush-order in to get what’s called a “flipper” in a color that matches Sally’s other front tooth. Basically, a flipper has the tooth attached to a small mouthpiece that snaps into the mouth. Two days later, the flipper is in and Sally is ecstatic… it appears as though she has both of her natural front teeth! He also drills out the old tooth a bit to clean it out, and packs it so that no food or other garbage will get up in there… for free!

A Happy Ending for Sally

Finally, Sally has a temporary tooth that quite frankly could be used indefinitely as long as it doesn’t break or wear down for some reason. She is now saving up the $5000 that it will cost to get a single implant, and is enjoying a pain-free, natural looking replacement for her missing tooth. Sally’s new dentist, Dr. Marshall, is very friendly and very kind; he helped Sally out in her time of need.

A Good Dentist

If you need a dentist and you live anywhere near Concord, NH, you can find a very helpful, friendly dentist at:

Aesthetic Dental Center
Robert N. Marshall, DMD, MAGD
177 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 224-1743

A Bad Dentist

I will not provide any additional information about Dr. Mostafa El-Sherif as I don’t want anyone to accidentally find him. Just know that Dr. El-Sherif has horrible bedside manners, does not care about his patients, and is only in this line of work for the money.

Is it nice to be rich Dr. El-Sherif? Too bad those millions can’t buy you some compassion!

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2 Responses to “Do Not Use Dr. Mostafa El Sherif as Your Dentist”

  1. This person is not telling the truth she wanted a free dental work that is what the truth is.
    and she is actually running advertizing to another dentist in Town any smart reader can figure this out?????.

    • No one wanted free dental work. Just someone who is understanding, has a good bedside manner, and doesn’t try to rip roots out when a simple cementing is in place. Dr. Marshall does all those things.

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