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Let’s be honest. You may wish for a magical solution to get bigger arms overnight, but the truth is it takes time, patience, and perseverance to build stronger forearms and bigger and more powerful biceps and triceps. However, that doesn’t mean there are not some excellent training techniques to get big arms faster than you would with standard strength training exercises. If you’re looking to build stronger and bigger arms, check out the following helpful tips.

Increase Your Volume

The first tip is the most obvious. If you’re doing eight sets once a week to build up your arms and seeing no results, you need to increase your volume. The amount you work out has a direct correlation with muscle growth. Training arms three times a week is ideal to increase muscle growth, but it’s also important that you up your volume over time, at a gradual pace. If you increase your volume dramatically in one go, you risk an injury.

Do Supersets

Although increasing volume is an excellent way of getting bigger arms, you can also stimulate arm growth by supersetting biceps and triceps routines without having to go to the gym. Doing supersets drives blood and delivers nutrients to your arms. So, when you do a triceps movement, the bicep is fully stretched out, and when you perform a curling movement, the triceps are stretched out. The more you do supersets, the more effective your strength training will be. Get started by checking out these superset arm workouts.

Do Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood flow restriction training is an excellent technique for building bigger arms. When blood flow to a muscle is restricted, the blood is forced to pool in the muscle, giving an extraordinary pump. So, with blood flow restriction training you are not letting blood escape to the veins but your arteries continue to deliver the blood to your muscles. You’re basically tricking your body into using large fast-twitch muscle fibers, which results in fast muscle growth. Also, this type of training involves using only fifty percent of your weight, which means your joints can recover more easily while still taxing your body and increasing the size of your arms. Use knee wraps on your arms and tighten them so that it’s uncomfortable but not overly painful. Then use a rope pushdown for your triceps and perform standing dumbbell curls for your biceps.

Use the Shock Method

To really force arm growth fast, it’s a good idea to do some intense routines every couple of workouts. Known as shock methods, extra intense training routines are designed to cause a severe overload to your muscles. Try supersets, drop sets, and running the rack to get your arms to grow quicker.

Eat the Right Foods and Intake the Right Amount of Calories

As you are sure to know, a good workout routine bears little results when it’s not accompanied by an appropriate diet. Indeed, without taking care of what you eat while you are regularly performing workout routines, you could experience health problems. At the end of the day, doing exercises like those above means you have to eat a lot. But make sure the food you eat is nutrient-dense and that you have plenty of high-quality protein foods. You also need to keep track of your calorie intake. If you do not gain at least one half-pound per week when doing your arm-building workouts, you should increase your calorie intake by 200 to 300 calories. To gain just one solid inch on your arms, you will need to gain 10 pounds in body weight.

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