5 Proven Hacks to Accelerate Muscle Growth

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Building muscle takes a lot of hard work and conviction, but it isn’t rocket science. Your biggest challenge will be to achieve your goals according to your personal timeline. Still, you can rely on the right workout plans and nutritional aids to speed up the muscle-building process and get the results sooner than you imagine. It does not require you to spend a fortune either. All you need to do is to stick to the right approach and make some adjustments to your workout, diet, and supplement routines. Here are some proven muscle growth hacks you can rely on.

Focus on Big Lifts

If you are serious about muscle building, forget low-profile exercises such as curls, shoulder presses. Training individual body parts wouldn’t help as well. You need to pick exercises that focus on multiple muscle groups at once. These include dips, squats, lunges, pull ups, deadlifts, military presses, and farmer walks. The intense movements with these compound workouts can stimulate your body and build muscle faster, so you get closer to your goals with them. 

Eat Enough Protein Every Day

Muscle building greatly depends on your diet, and consuming enough protein makes all the difference. The optimal amount depends on your body weight (as your trainer would recommend), and anything less than that wouldn’t work. Although loading your diet with lots of chicken, eggs, and milk would help, you might consider drinking protein shakes as well (we prefer Muscle Milk). Be regular with your protein intake, and consume multiple times a day for faster and sustainable results. 

Take Nutritional Supplements 

Another surefire hack to accelerate muscle growth is by taking nutritional supplements. However, don’t pick any supplement only because someone at the gym recommended it. Look for one that works for you. Checking its reviews on https://suppscience.com.au/ is an excellent idea because you can rely on the ones shared by real users. It is worth investing in a supplement product that matches your needs because they can get you a step closer to your goals by supplying the right ingredients. 

Lift Progressively Heavier Weights

When it comes to workout results, you need to train hard with strength exercises rather than cardio workouts. For strength exercises, move on to heavier weights for the best results. Seek professional help from a personal trainer to decide how heavy is too heavy for you because it differs from person to person. Besides choosing the right weight, be regular with your repetitions and sets. 

Rest and Recover Between Workouts

Even as you need to train more intensely and regularly, rests and breaks are equally important. Working outwears down the muscles and affect your ability to recover, so you need to rest them periodically. Surprisingly, you may not be able to build muscle when you are doing too much, which is the reason why trainers focus a lot on breaks. You also need enough sleep every night because it can help you train harder and longer. 

Muscle building requires you to be diligent and judicious with exercise, but you cannot overlook the importance of a good diet and ample rest. So eat well, sleep well, and sweat out a lot to get the results you want! 

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