What is Beard Oil and How Should I Apply it For Best Results?

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The word is going crazy for the bearded handsome hunk. Have you seen the Jason Momoa (lead actor in Aquaman) or Jason Statham (one of the leading male actors in some of today’s most exciting action movies), if you have noticed they both have one thing in common – a righteous full-grown beard.

Maintaining a healthy beard is the same as keeping a good physique. You have to take care of every detail from providing it the vital nutrients to keeping it in good shape. You can easily nourish your body with the food you take, but it becomes tricky to nourish your beard hair. This is where the beard hair oil comes into the picture.

Many products claim to be the best beard oils for men and frankly, you can’t go wrong in selecting any of the top quality products. A few important characteristics to consider are scent and skin sensitivity.

Beard oils are specially made for nourishing the beard hair oil. It consists of all the nutrients that are required by the beard for healthy growth.

What Exactly is Beard Oil?

Beard hair oil is a man grooming product that is made solely for men to groom their beard hair. This oil specializes in providing the right protein and vitamin for the healthy growth of the beard. This oil not only helps to maintain the good health of the facial hair but it also has some of the extra benefits.

Here are a few things that beard oil helps with:

1. Moisturizing agent

Have you experienced a feeling that copper wire is hanging all over your face? If you are a person who has a very long and dense beard must have experienced something at one point in time. This happens when your beard is all dried up.

Applying beard oil will help you to soften the beard hair. It moisturizes the hair and the skin underneath the hair. The results can be felt with smooth skin and soften beard hair.

2. Nourishes the hair root

Beard hair is not just dead cells, the roots still need nutrients to grow. Where can you feed them those nutrients? It is the beard oil that does the work for you. If the roots are well nourished, the growth of the beard will be steady.

3. Impart a natural aroma to beard hair

Your beard is your partner in crime. When you are having a cup of coffee or having dinner, it tastes it all. You obviously do not want your friends to know about what you had last night by the smell coming out of your beard. I don’t know about you, but I would not like to face such circumstances.

Beard oils are rich in natural oil and hence, they have a natural aroma that can suppress pungent smell coming out of the beard. Some of the beard oil has such an aromatic fragrance that you actually do not need any deodorant for a change.

How to apply beard oil to get perfect results

Getting the best result is all about how good you are with the process and procedure. So, applying the beard oil in the best way possible will bring out the results you were hoping for.

Before I get to the steps, there are some tips that you may consider:

  • The best time to use your beard oil is after a refreshing shower when your beard is all clean and soft. This will help your beard absorb the beard oil efficiently.
  • Your beard needs to be all dried up, as water can provide resistance in the absorption.

Let’s get on with the steps:

1.  Clean your beard

Before applying the beard oil, you need to make sure that the hair is dry. This is to make sure that oil is efficiently absorbed by the beard hair.

2. Take a few drops of oil

Take a sufficient amount of oil, depending on the depth of your beard. It may take some trial and error, but try to make sure you don’t use too little, and definitely try not to use too much (do not waste beard oil, after all, it is costly).

3. Mix it well on your palm

Mix the oil by rubbing your two palms together. This will ensure the thorough distribution of nutrients.

4. Apply thoroughly on the beard

Now apply the oil slowly and thoroughly. Meanwhile, you can also do a light massage of your face. This massage can activate all the sleeping hair follicles, increases the blood circulation of the region and oil is spread out thoroughly.

5. Comb it

Finally, you can comb it out to look presentable. Combing also helps to untangle all the hair.


Having a healthy beard is all about maintaining it regularly. You can leave is unchecked for a longer period of time.

In this article, I have shared my experience on what beard oil is actually, how it can help your beard and the best way to apply it for better results.

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