How the Right Fit Flatters

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Tips for swole ladies: how to fit those curves into the proper outfit.

When it comes to picking the right outfit, one of the major factors to take into consideration is the fit. Picking the right size and a fit that suits your body will transform an outfit and compliment your overall look. Here are a few tips to help you dress in clothes that flatter your body:

Pick the Right Bra

Let’s be honest ladies, you can’t just walk around in a sports bra all day. Well, you could, but you don’t what to. When you’re outside in the world, wearing the right bra can make all the difference when it comes to an outfit. It’s not just about wearing the right size – although that is pretty important, too – it’s about wearing a bra that will give the best support and shape for your outfit.

Before purchasing a bra type, it is important to read bra reviews to ensure that you’re getting the correct bra that will work best with your outfit. Reading a review will be able to tell you whether a bra will flatter your natural curves or need to emphasize them and give them more support. With many different types of bras available, it is important to understand when to wear which type of bra. 

Fitted waist 

One of the reasons the size of the waist is so important is because it has the power to divide the body into different proportions that make a whole lot of difference in your appearance. When a waist is too tight, your upper body can look a lot bulkier with bulges coming out from all sides, and when it’s too wide, you could end up looking too boxy. Having a perfect fitted waist will enhance your body proportions and highlight the curviness of your body. To make sure that the waist is a good fit, allow some looseness for sitting, breathing and eating.

Length matters

The length of your garment will make a whole lot of difference in how presentable your overall appearance is. When the hemline is too long, it tends to drag along the floor and collect dust and dirt. That makes it not only appear to be unflattering but will also result in tears and holes, making it look old and worn-out. On the other hand, when the hemline is too short, the garment seems to be too small in size and will make you look ridiculous. Choosing the right length will flatter your appearance and make your outfit look attractive. 

Shoulder Fit 

One of the reasons it is important for the shoulders to stay in place is that it defines how well the sleeves fit, as well as the chest fit, too. When the shoulders fit well, everything else falls in place, making the outfit to enhance your figure and highlight your curves. Try to avoid shoulder pads at all cost. You’re shapely enough because you workout, shoulder pads need to stay in the 80s where can

Choosing the Right Fit

When choosing the right fit, forget about the number written on the label as size can differ from one brand to another. Instead, focus on the actual fit by determining how well the shoulder, waist and overall length appear to be. It is also necessary to ensure you’re wearing the correct bra for the item at hand as it can really affect the way your chest appears to be, making a huge difference in the appearance of the outfit. 

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