A Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal: Is It Right for You?

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A Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Tweezing, shaving, and waxing are all time-consuming processes. Laser hair removal should be on your radar if you are ready to achieve clear, hairless skin with less time involved. Below is our complete guide to laser hair removal that will help you decide whether this hair removal method is right for you.  

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal (LHR) is a cosmetic procedure that uses pulses of laser light to safely and effectively remove unwanted light from the back, legs, underarms, bikini area, or face (chin, sideburns, and upper lip). 

Does LHR Hurt?

Most patients consider laser hair removal painless. Your first session may feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. The treated area can also feel sore after the session; however, the discomfort is short-lived.

If you have a low pain threshold, the practitioner can apply numbing cream to the service area, reducing pain sensitivity. 

How Long Does LHR Take?

Session time is determined by the size of the area being treated. Body areas, such as the back, legs, and arms, can take up to an hour. Facial hair can take as little as ten minutes. 

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For LHR?

This type of hair removal is suitable for patients with darker skin types, such as Afro-Caribbean and Asian skin. If your skin type does not fall under this category, it is always best to arrange a consultation to assess suitability.

As a guide, those unsuitable for this procedure include:

  • Patients with a recent sun tan;
  • Patients with active infections on the skin surface;
  • Patients that are sensitive to light-based treatments;
  • Patients with white, blonde, or ginger hair — these hair colors may respond poorly to or refuse to respond to treatment due to their low levels of pigmentation. 

How Much Does LHR Cost?

The average price of Austin laser hair removal is $389 per session. However, the specific amount you will pay for your session depends on the service area, the time required for treatment, and the number of sessions required.  

What Should You Do Before Laser Hair Removal?

Before you undergo any hair removal procedure, you should ensure that the service area is not exposed to the sun or a sun bed. If sun exposure is unavoidable, apply sunscreen with a total sunblock of SPF 50. 

You should avoid bleaching or waxing the hair six weeks before your session since preserving the pigment and root of the hair is necessary for the success of the treatment

Ensure that you shave the service area a day or night before your session. Doing so will allow the pulses of laser light to go directly to the hair follicle, removing unwanted hair effectively. 

What Should You Do After LHR? 

According to our guide to laser hair removal, after the procedure do not scratch or rub the treated area. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera on the treated area several times a day and skip hot showers, baths, and saunas. 

You can relieve stinging or discomfort with Paracetamol; however, avoid aspirin and ibuprofen since these medicines can react to the laser light. 

If you need to apply makeup on the treated area, you must do so delicately and remove it gently. Rubbing the treated area can open it up and increase the chance of scarring. 

Try Austin Laser Hair Removal

This guide to laser hair removal is the way to go if you want to achieve smooth, hairless skin without spending the better part of your day on hair removal. This procedure is safe and effective and produces results you will enjoy long after the session. Talk to the experts about your hair goals, and start your journey today.

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