6 Ways to Take Care of Your Natural Hair This Winter

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Here is another great piece on managing your appearance this winter, from our award-winning style correspondent. Natural hair care advice is not just for women. All athletes, swole or otherwise, should take heed of these tips to help keep your hair healthy and shiny during the holidays. Take care of your natural hair and for some men, maybe ask Santa to help regrow some of those natural locks.

If you asked any beauty expert for hair care advice right now, they would gladly offer you tips on how to take good care of your curly hair during summer. Even though it’s true taking care of natural hair is stressful during summer due to the high humidity levels — it can be even more stressful during this cold, snowy season. How are you going to keep that hair glowing all through? No need to worry, we got you!

Here is a roundup of tips to take care of your natural hair during the cold weather.  

1. Deep Condition Regularly 

During winter, every coffee shop, store, or home you stop at will have its AC cranked to the max. This, coupled up with the low humidity levels outside, will quickly dry out your hair, causing massive breakage. Therefore, deep condition as regularly as you can.

If you have an extremely tight schedule, ensure you deep condition at least once a week. This will help lock in as much moisture as you can and prevent breakage. Invest in conditioners with ingredients that will strengthen your hair and massage your scalp with avocado oil and other sources of vitamins A, B, D, and E. If your hair still feels dry, add a hot oil treatment or use a steamer in your routine. 

2. Make Good Use of Protective Styles 

Rocking your hair in faux locks, buns, and French rolls reduce its exposure to the harsh winter weather. This reduces the chances of breakage, dullness, and dryness. Furthermore, protective styles often look real pretty. However, choose your style carefully because not all protective styles will protect your beautiful hair. Also, don’t forget to moisturize.

3. Sleep on Silk 

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase means you will be waking up to strands of your hair every morning. You will find even more strands on your pillow during winter than summer because your hair is usually more fragile in the cold season. Therefore, if you’ve been struggling with length, then this might be the problem.

That said, upgrade to a satin bonnet or get a silk pillow. It is soft, and the smooth fibers won’t cause breakage. This natural hair care tip will help you keep your hair looking good all through the week. 

4. Wear Your Hat

Hats look cute and are especially fashionable during winter. Wearing on top of a protective hairstyle like twist makes you look lovely. But besides fashion, wearing them helps protect your hair from the harsh winter weather.

Nonetheless, stay away from knitted hats as they will snag on your hair and cause breakage. If you must wear this kind of hat, make sure you wear a thin silk cap before you wear it.

5. Trim those Split Ends

Your hair ends suffer the most during winter. Unfortunately, if they start breaking, they put the rest of your hair in even more danger of breakage. Save yourself such trouble and split them as soon as they pop up to keep the rest of the hair looking Vogue-worthy.  

6. Ditch that Cotton Towel

Similar to the cotton pillowcase, a cotton towel will also pull and stretch hair during drying and cause breakage. So ditch it and get yourself a microfiber towel.  You can use it even during summer without worrying about breakage. 

Natural hair looks glamorous, but keeping it looking that way is a real hustle. It is especially tough when it’s all snowy and chilly outside. But with the natural hair care tips above, it doesn’t have to be such a daunting task.  

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