Sweat With Kayla App Review

As a follow up to last week’s introduction to Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, here’s a sweet review of Kayla’s new app designed offer a supportive community for those trying to get off the couch and start moving. At Project Swole we’re not limited to our hardcore attitude. We care more about getting couch potatoes off their butt and excising, than we do about everyone deadlifting 700 lbs.
Sweat With Kayla App

Sweat with Kyla!

Have you heard of the latest Sweat with Kayla app by Kayla Itsines? If you haven’t, then you should read this to learn how it may help you!

The market is saturated with fitness programs each claiming that they are the end all be all of fitness. Many of them are very similar, offering variations on the same exercise moves and advice. So it makes sense to be skeptical when you come across yet another workout app, but the Sweat with Kayla Itsines app really is something different.

Sweat With Kayla App Features

This app is part of a subscription service that, for the price of a weekly cup of coffee, offers a comprehensive exercise and nutrition plan that makes it easy to embrace good health in all aspects of your life. Kayla Itsines’ app stands above the crowd in 7 main areas;

Community: One of the first things you are going to come across when researching the Kayla Itsines app is her tremendously popular Instagram account. It’s not just Instagram though, across social media and built into the Sweat with Kayla app itself is a thriving community of women all striving to reach their fitness goals together.

Studies have shown that working towards your health and wellness goals alone is less effective than joining together with supportive people. Downloading the Sweat with Kayla app will get you in touch with people who will encourage and inspire you to stay on track to meet your goals. Commenting and friendly competitions are built into the app so you will never have to go it alone.

Gradually Increasing Difficulty: It’s not hard to find workout routines on the internet these days, but what makes the app different is that it compiles all the best workouts together in one simple app. It is well within reach for even beginners, because the workouts themselves start off easier in the beginning weeks, then, week by week, the workouts get changed up, gaining intensity as you go along.

Hitting a weight loss plateau is a legitimate concern, but with the gently increasing difficulty as you move through the weeks of carefully curated exercise routines you don’t have to worry about it. The work outs change each week so you never get bored, and before you know it you will be completing advanced routines with ease, having gradually built up your strength.

Included food plan: There are apps for exercise routines and here are apps for meal plans, but this app does both. Now you can easily integrate all aspects of your health and wellness by having both your exercise routines, health tracking, and your food plan all in one place. There are multiple food plans available for different dietary restrictions, so anyone can find one that works for them.

All the recipes offer complete nutrition and are truly delicious, giving you every opportunity to choose fresh healthy foods over the greasy, processed foods that offer convenience at the expense of nutrition. Each week has a new meal plan and even a complete shopping list. It is all ready to go and at your fingertips on your phone. Never leave your grocery list at home again!

Progress Keeping: Keeping track of your progress is an essential part of staying motivated and reaching your goals. Just tracking your weight alone is a poor representation of your overall success. As we know, muscle weighs more than fat.

Included in this fitness app is a section to collect your week by week progress photos. Just snap a selfie each week and then the app lets you line them up so you can easily see your transformation. Nothing is more motivational than seeing results, and Kayla Itsines makes it easy.

Female Oriented: Fitness SuccessMen and Women lose weight differently and may have different nutritional needs, we also have unique struggles that we deal with in daily life that affect our health and wellness goals. With the Kayla Itsines app you can band together with other women to inspire and encourage each other to meet your goals. Not to mention, it provides a safe environment to share progress photos free from judgment or the inappropriate comments that are so common online these days.

The app itself even appeals to the female spirit with it’s gorgeous and sleek interface. This beautiful and welcoming app looks different from any other fitness apps out there, and it is the only one out there connected to the largest community of health-conscious women in the world.

Apple Watch Integration: The app is fully integrated with your Apple Watch. It couldn’t be easier to follow along with the workout routines, you can go through the whole workout without once having to stop and pick up your phone.

The app is also compatible with Apple Health Kit, syncing all your stats including heart rate, steps, and calories burned. The Kayla Itsines app makes it so easy to keep all of your info together in one place, simplifying and streamlining your healthy lifestyle.

Education: Sweat With Kayla also offers more than three hundred pages of educational articles all about the science behind Kayla Itsines exercise and nutrition plans. The articles are all beautifully formatted and easy to read.

They are short enough to read in the spare moments of your day and before you know it you will be fully informed about the “why” behind the exercises and nutrition plans you are following. Empowering yourself with knowledge, and not just collecting random workout moves is one thing that really sets Sweat With Kayla apart from other fitness apps on the market.

Sweat With Kayla App Review Summary

What you get out of any wellness program is entirely dependent upon that you put into it. The effort you put in translates to the results that you get. But, knowing that, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a top notch fitness program to subscribe to in the first place.

Having everything you need all in one place makes it easy to stay motivated. It’s much more than just a workout routine, Sweat with Kayla app is a complete, holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

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