Some Pedophiles Never Get Punished

If any of you were following my problems with a neighborhood pedophile last year in this post and this post, you might be interested in knowing how it turned out. I’m warning you now though, if you don’t want to be upset and disgusted, you should not read on.

I found out today that they dropped Joel Dutton’s case completely. Apparently the family scared the little girl into recanting her statement, so now Joel will never pay the price for his crimes.

So what price do we have to pay as neighbors? We get the wonderful benefits of Joel’s family screaming profanities and threatening us and our kids when we are outside playing or working in the yard. Then when we call the cops, Joel is belligerent to them, slamming the door in their face and forcing them to call in back-up, yet he still goes free and we are not able to get a restraining order.

We also get to endure the loving affection of the older girl who lives with Joel calling my step-daughter and her neighborhood friends ‘rats’, and telling them to ‘keep their mouths shut’. Thank you Joel and family for continuing to traumatize innocent children with your sick and deluded way of life.

Law enforcement is a joke when it comes to prosecuting pedophiles, protecting victims, and even protecting informants. No one cares.

I am not going to take any action on these people because I don’t want to get into trouble. However, if they come charging up the road at me screaming profanities and my family one more time, I will be forced to defend my family because I know the police won’t protect us.

We are going to move as soon as possible, but until then please wish us luck and pray for the little kids who have been placed back in the house to reside with this disgusting criminal.

Here’s the newspaper article where I learned the Joel’s case was dropped: Case against convicted sex offender dropped

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  1. Child Molestation and Rape are just about some of the hardest cases to get convictions on. I do feel like there needs to be much reform in the way these things are handled. In arkansas, if you are caught urinating outside, your arrested and with the charge you are put on a nationally registered sex offenders list. Yup, it’s a bit extreme. But on the other hand, the high level, violent or repeat, offenders are thrown into the same class and aren’t taken as seriously. So there’s alot of work that needs to be done in the system. It’s a shame that it takes so much work to make such little progress.

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